Facades+ will come to San Diego on May 12

Inaugural Conference

Facades+ will come to San Diego on May 12

(Courtesy Flad)

For the first time in its 11 year history Facades+ will be coming to San Diego. Featuring in-progress and recently completed projects in Southern California, the conference will feature a full-day symposium as well as a methods and materials expo hall. Co-chairing the event are Carrier Johnson + CULTURE’s design director Alex Gutierrez, co-president Claudia Escala, and associate principal Alex Kacur. The program includes state-of-the-art research facilities, high-rise developments, and mass timber enclosures. Click here to view additional conference information and register.

Pacific Gate: Multifamily Facade Design

KPF President and Design Principal James von Klemperer will discuss the facade of the Pacific Gate tower, a 41-story residential building recently completed in downtown San Diego. The tower’s oval-shaped structure is clad in curved glass panels, and is oriented along an east-west axis to minimize sun exposure from the west and allow for scenic views across to the Pacific Ocean. Likewise, the building’s energy performance is maximized through the use of metal fins on the facade which block the solar heat accumulated through direct sunlight.

Torrey View: Dynamic Envelopes for Life Science

A panel on the design techniques used in the development of the new Torrey View life science facilities will be led by Phillip Ra, design principal at Flad; Mauricio Ortega, associate principal at Flad; Alex Rosenthal, associate at Heintges; and Sarah Williams, senior director of design and construction at Breakthrough properties. The discussion will highlight the 515,000-square-foot research campus in San Diego and will discuss how the local topography of the Torrey Pines coastal area was incorporated into the design of the facade, which features steeply graded coffering to mimic the area’s natural tessellation patterns.

Facade Engineering Roundtable: The Path Ahead

Next, the audience will hear from a roundtable of facade engineering experts, including Chris O’Hara, founding principal at Studio NYL; Lisa Rammig, director at Eckersley O’Callaghan; and Irene Martin, facade team leader at Arup. The group will present the latest advancements in facade technology and materials with examples from built and in-progress projects across the world. Attendees will come away from the session with practical facade knowledge that can be applied to their work.

West Tower (Courtesy Carrier Johnson)

Courthouse Commons: High-Rise Envelope Design Strategies at West

Program co-chair Alex Gutierrez will lead a presentation on West, a nearly-completed, mixed-use tower located in downtown San Diego. Chris Betts and Jeff Ogden of Vision Systems will cover the technical aspects of the project’s exterior expression, covering the various building skin systems used in the development.

Mass Timber Enclosures: A New Way to Build

This roundtable, comprising Thomas Robinson, principal at LEVER Architecture; Ethan Martin director of sustainability and mass timber at DCI Engineers; and Timberlab engineer Brooke Whitsell, will cover the latest developments in mass timber design. The roundtable’s expertise with this sustainable and highly in-demand building material will provide the audience with knowledge they can bring to their own design practice.

RaDD (Courtesy Gensler)

IQHQ: High Performance Facades for Research Buildings

Kerstin Kraft, associate at Gensler, and Alex Falcon, building engineer at Eckersley O’Callaghan, will present the facade design for the brand-new Research and Development District in downtown San Diego. This mixed-use science campus contains several mid-rise buildings and a 17-story tower equipped with retail, restaurants, rooftop decks, and public greenspace. It is the largest urban commercial waterfront space in California.

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