TECH+ will return to New York City on October 27


TECH+ will return to New York City on October 27


On October 27, The Architect’s Newspaper’s TECH+ conference series will return to New York City. The conference will include a full-day symposium and an exhibit hall displaying the latest innovations in AEC technology. The event will be held at New York Law School and co-hosted by Niknaz Aftahi, founder and CEO of aec+tech. Click here to view additional conference information and register.

The Highest Islands: Curiosity, Creativity, and Comfort with Uncertainty

The program will kick off with a presentation from Matthew Krissel and Randy Deutsch, cofounders of the Built Environment Futures Council (BEFC). This forward-thinking organization is working to apply AI and other technological practices to the field of architecture.

Intelligent Building Models Enable Sustainable Building

Miles Smith, North American solutions manager for Graphisoft, will share the company’s suite of BIM design tools. The presentation will demonstrate how intelligent building models and data collection enable sustainable building practices.

Harnessing the Power of Reality Capture & Advanced BIM Systems

In this session, attendees will hear from Quinn Evans’s Robert Fink, design technology director; and Kelly Haley, architect, who are working to develop digital models of historic buildings. They will be joined by Joseph Romano, surveying and mapping principal at Langan, a company advancing the practice of digital modeling and 3D scanning in the AEC industry.

Generate Editable CAD/BIM As-Builts with your Phone

Greg Barto, head of partnerships at Canvas, will demonstrate the company’s LIDAR sensor application which is available for iPhone Pro and iPad. Canvas is making 3D capture technology more accessible and offers compatibility with Revit, SketchUp, and other popular design programs.

Digital Twin and the Power of Real-Time Collaboration

This panel highlights two resources available to AEC professionals. Anna Liza Montenegro will introduce attendees to Microsol Resources, a database of digital design tools, allows designers to determine which software best suits their firm’s practice. Next, Chuck Pfeffer will take the stage to demonstrate Cupix, a powerful digital twin software which aids in both the design and construction phases of a project.

Automating Workflows for Optimization and Process Evolution

In this presentation from Imaginit’s AEC cloud services program manager, Scott Burke, will illustrate how automated workflows and rigorous data collection can improve quality control for construction projects and reduce accidents, errors, and waste.

Techno-Turbulence: Navigating the Choppy Seas

Gaurav Chopra, CEO of FivD, will share the company’s software suite, which includes structural modeling, virtual tools for design and construction, LIDAR scanning, and business management.

Startup Showcase

Codesign, a new drafting application for the iPad, combines the capabilities of a sketching software with BIM technology, aiding architects in the conceptual-design phase of a project. Campbell Yule, founder and CEO of Codesign, will show the application’s capabilities as well as its cross-platform compatibility.

Generative Design Futures

In this panel, Andre Turati and Altaf Ganihar, founders of and Snaptrude, respectively, will demonstrate how their programs utilize the powers of automation and iteration to streamline the design and construction process— from design to project delivery. They will be joined by Ilkay C. Standard, founder of GENx, a design and technology consultancy, and Elaheh Demirchelie, founder of Demirchelie, an interdisciplinary design firm integrating technology and sustainability.

From 3:30 to 4:15, attendees will have a choice between two presentations:

Computational Tools and Data-Driven Design in Architecture

Digital design experts from industry-leading architecture firms will share their insights into the future integration of technology in architectural practice. Ahmad Tabbakh, of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Ali Ghomi of CetraRuddy will discuss how computational tools and data analysis have become integral to their firms’ practices. Michael Schroeder of SGA will present the AI and machine learning technologies which are transforming the industry at large.


Adoption of Digital Practices from AEC Firms

The second option consists of a similar conversation from technology leaders. Benjamin Friedman, data scientist at DLR Group, Alexandra Pollock, chief technology officer at FXCollaborative, and Nirva Fereshetian, chief information officer at CBT Architects will take the stage to examine the latest in design technology and its impact on the industry.

Investor Insights: Navigating Opportunities and Trends in the Design and Construction Industry

Curtis Rodgers, partner at Brick & Mortar Ventures; Victoria Smith, investment lead at Zacua Ventures; Shariar Shams-Ansari, investor at Brookfield Growth; and Jeremy Kaner, managing director of Olive Leaf Ventures, will discuss how entrepreneurs are working to disrupt AEC industry with emerging technologies. The presenters will cover topics including robotics, drone imagery, and digital design tools.

Immersive Worlds: Designing for Experience

Lionel Ohayon, cofounder of Journey, provider of cutting-edge digital experiences, will share how his company is innovating in the field of entertainment. Journey is the company behind the recently completed MSG Sphere as well as the firm’s work on a yet-to-be-completed performance stage in Times Square.