Choosing the right hinges for a hidden door with Sugatsune

Choosing the right hinges for a hidden door with Sugatsune

(Courtesy Sugatsune)

Choosing the Right Hinges for a Hidden Door

Hidden doors have fascinated people throughout history with their distinction, aesthetic appeal, and space-saving capabilities. They remain popular today, featured in viral social media videos and large commercial spaces, while inspiring a sought-after aesthetic.

Concealed doors can be created using any standard door. The real magic is in the hinges and frame, which must be specially designed; you can forgo molding, setting the door flush with the wall, or using textures and patterns to hide it.

In 1992, Sugatsune introduced the adjustable concealed door hinge. Since then, Sugatsune developed an innovative concealed hinge lineup, offering numerous solutions to create the perfect hidden door that everyone will enjoy!

The lineup includes features such as:

  • 3-Way Adjustability
  • Lift-Off, Hinge Separation
  • Temporary Hold
  • Surface Mount
  • 304-Stainless Steel
  • Frame and Hinge System

3-Way Adjustable Concealed Hinges – HES Series

Interior Doors, HES3D-E190 offers 3-way adjustability for a perfectly aligned fit and features a clean appearance with cover plates concealing the screws. Their unique design allows for easy one-person installation, and they are highly durable, UL-certified for fire resistance, and capable of supporting large heavy doors.

Interior Doors with Cladding, HES3D-W190 offers all the great features of the HES3D-E190 hinge, except that it is designed for a wider throw clearance to accommodate cladding or molding.

Surface Mounted Concealed HES2S Hinge is designed for easy installation without frame side mortising and has 2-way adjustability.

Slim Frame & Hinge System HES1F-140 includes everything needed for slim-framed doors. It features preassembled aluminum frames with three-way adjustable hinges.

Stainless Steel Concealed Hinge HGS3D is made of 304 stainless steel, offers excellent corrosion resistance, 3-way adjustability, and easy installation. It also has covers for a clean finish and optional square-shaped covers.

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