Innovative wood products for interior and exterior projects

Sustainable Slabs

Innovative wood products for interior and exterior projects

(Courtesy Bjelin)

Wood is a leader in sustainable material trends. Among these new products is a technology that uses sliced instead of sawn wood, allowing for ten times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of lumber. Other innovations include a process that ages new lumber naturally and quickly without the need for paints and stains, a chemical-free modified wood made only using heat and steam. All are created with the goal of further optimizing the beautiful natural material.

slab of wood
(Courtesy Kebony)

Kebony Clear Cladding

wood flooring stained various colors
(Courtesy Delta Millworks)

Lunawood ThermoWood
Delta Millworks

wood flooring stained in various colors
(Courtesy Coeur D’Alene)

Coeur D’Alene Wood with Xcelerated Process
Coeur D’Alene

corrugated wood wall
(Courtesy The Wood Veneer Hub)

Colored Slatpanel Wall Panels
The Wood Veneer Hub

drawer lined with wood
(Courtesy Cabbonet)

The Montane Collection of Kitchens, Closets, and Furnishings

hardwood flooring
(Courtesy Bjelin)

Commercial Hardwood Collection