June 2019: Los Angeles Urbanism
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June 2019: Los Angeles Urbanism

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June 2019: Los Angeles Urbanism

Los Angeles urbanism, Thompson Center sale, Radical Suburbs. and more.

With the Olympics coming to Southern California in 2028, the city of Los Angeles is embarking on a swath of infrastructure and development projects. Over the next 10 years, the city will go through an urban transformation, not seen in a generation.
Office design is always changing, and the latest trend is in creative adaptive reuse. We examine three of the best office spaces in unexpected locations.

We survey the latest and greatest operable walls and windows that will make your next project easy, breezy, and beautiful. We also profile the best projects with innovative uses of windows and operable walls.

  • Chicago’s iconic Thompson Center is up for sale
  • San Francisco’s Civic Center gets an update
  • Book Review: Archigram
  • Book Review: Suburban experiments
  • Manhattan’s Jail complex
  • “In Case You Missed It,” the monthly news roundup