Call for Submissions: The Mashu Project

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Call for Submissions: The Mashu Project

January 1, 2017

HAA&D is excited to invite designer, professionals and students of any discipline, to take an active part in our new emerged design community been build around our new product.

“Neither the archaeologist, nor the interior designer, nor the architect, nor the painter, nor the sculptor should furnish our apartment. Who should do it, then? The answer is quite simple: Every man his own interior designer.”
The Interiors in the Rotunda (1898) by Adolf Loos

HAA&D is a young, Berlin based studio for arechitecture and design. We are about to launch our new friendly, building material product: mashu. The mashu is a friendly DIY (do it yourself) product made out of plywood and was designed to do more and therefore, to lives longer. The mashu is a local production, sustainable, minimalist element that can be easily assembled and customized. The concept of the mashu is that the user creates his own personalized space using the mashu construction as the basic element on which he/she will add and manipulate as he/she wishes.

HAA&D calls creative people to design an original product that will work with the mashu format using any kind of manipulation and material as long as the product is eco friendly, locally produced, original and affordable.
Please keep in mind that the mashu is oriented to a DIY (do it yourself) use. Meaning, a hammer and a simple drill can be considered to adjust your product to the mashu surfaces but not professional tools.

The product has no scale limitation. However, please consider that our clients will be mostly from the commercial sector such as galleries, pop-up shops, gymnastic studios, kindergartens, cafés and the like. Keep in mind, that the element you design can be adjusted to one or more boxes in variant combinations (library, wall, room etc.). Meaning, you need to demonstrate not only the product but also how it works with the mashu product (One type of box or more).

Our Vision: The mashu is a basic construction element that anyone can build and adjust easily using simple tools. We would like to invite creative designers to offer their unique products such as storage solutions, connectors, prints and other unique elements to our clients, in order to give their mashu construction the unique look and practical usage, that they could not create by themselves but can easily adjust it/ apply it/ connect it.


January 1, 2017
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