International Ideas Competition for Busan Mulmangol Bunker Regeneration

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International Ideas Competition for Busan Mulmangol Bunker Regeneration

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In Mulmangol village, a small town sitting on the foothills of Hwangnyoengsan Mountain in Busan, South Korea, there is an underground bunker facility that has been left unattended for the past several decades. It is a one-of-a-kind urban site in Korea. As part of its urban renewal project, Busan Metropolitan City recently decided to provide administrative support for a speedy regeneration project of the underground bunker. Accordingly, Kyungdong Construction Co., Ltd., which owns 13 million square meters of land in that area including the 4,000 square meter underground bunker, decided to develop the underground facility in conjunction with the ground landscape.

The development and renewal plan for the downtown hillside and bunker is expected to create an attractive space highlighting its unique facility and thereby greatly contribute to the revitalization of rundown downtown area. With an idea that the most important priority for this development and regeneration project based on the unique spatial structure of the area is the discovery of a brilliant program, the organizers of this competition expect many talented people from various fields to propose creative and unique ideas.

 To look for creative program and unique conceptual ideas necessary for the development of Busan Mulmangol bunker and the whole neighborhood
 To promote development based on the discovery of unique and creative ideas by participants from various fields
Scale of Project
 Estimated cost of construction: Approximately 100 billion USD (Estimated cost of construction can be readjusted later in accordance with the proposed plan.)


September 20, 2016
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