Seneca Lake Wine Trail Gateway Sculpture in Geneva, NY

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Seneca Lake Wine Trail Gateway Sculpture in Geneva, NY

May 27, 2016


Theme: The Agricultural Bounty of the Finger Lakes and the Seneca Lake Wine Trail area.

The artwork should be a welcome to Geneva, the Finger Lakes region and the head of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. It should be a striking piece that will complement Geneva’s existing “Uniquely Urban” ( and the Seneca Lake Wine Trail ( It will be a large installation visible from Routes 5 & 20 as you enter or depart Geneva and welcome visitors to Lakefront Park and Geneva’s Visitor Center.

Your charge is to design a conceptually-rich and site-specific three-dimensional work of art for Geneva’s lakefront. The design must explore the processes of harvesting and producing food and beverages from the agricultural bounty of the region. The design of it must resonate with its location on Seneca Lake and within the larger cultural and natural region. Finally, it must be striking and call attention to itself; it should ideally elicit the desire to take a selfie. It has the potential to become a sculpture like the bean in Chicago or the love sculpture in Philadelphia-a work of art that functions as a unique place-marker and logo all in one.

This should be a permanent piece designed to withstand four seasons of Finger Lakes weather. It should require minimal annual maintenance, and should be designed with public safety in mind since this is an area with heavy pedestrian use.

Application Requirements:

  • 1.Contact information for applicant(s)
  • 2.Timeframe of Installation (how many days/weeks)
  • 3.A statement of intention no longer than 250 words for the artwork.
  • 4.A physical description of the artwork, including dimensions, materials used to build it and materials needed to install it.
  • 5.Identified parties responsible for installation, maintenance, security and removal of the artwork, with their contact information.
  • 6.A schedule for and description of installation.
  • 7.The insurance company you have engaged and the type of insurance you have for the project, if any.
  • 8.Anticipated impact, if any, this project may have on automobile or pedestrian traffic.
  • 9.Proposed maintenance requirements and schedule.
  • 10.Structural schematics of the artwork.
  • 11.Four to eight images of the artwork or illustrations of the proposed piece showing specific siting and rendering of the planned work to be installed.
  • 12.Description of proposed illumination (if any) including fixture details (spec sheet).
  • 13.Resume of artist(s)

All application materials must be submitted on 8.5 x 11 paper or pdf size.

Please forward any questions to Sage Gerling,


May 27, 2016
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