St. Petersburg to be a center of Russian lighting culture

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St. Petersburg to be a center of Russian lighting culture

October 12, 2017 - October 13, 2017

The Russian Creative Association of Lighting Designers RULD and the Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University (CLD ITMO University) are pleased to announce the 4th International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design in 2017. The event will be held at the high-tech New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre on October 12–13, 2017, which will bring together Russian and international experts from the fields of lighting design, architecture, multimedia, urbanism, art, IT and engineering.

International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design is a unique annual international research-to-practice conference in St. Petersburg. From 2018 through to 2030, with a look towards 2050, this city will develop as the center of Russian Lighting Culture according to “The Complex Development Program of the city of St. Petersburg”. The International Conference is a key platform for the interaction of domestic and international representatives in the fields of science, business, art and the innovation sector to implement this program.

The main goal of the conference is to connect Science with Business through Art and Innovative technology to develop a competitive market of lighting design and produce new ideas and trends. Over 500 architects, lighting designers, engineers, IT and multimedia specialists, scientists, representatives of Russian government, top-managers, set designers, producers and artists are expected to attend this year’s conference and discuss the main theme “Identity”.

The two-day event features four general panel discussions, more than 20 presentations, workshops and lectures given by key Russian and international experts. In addition to the main program, there will also be cultural and social events arranged, as well as open lectures for the city to promote the development of lighting culture and to increase awareness and knowledge amongst the local citizens in the field of science and light.

Furthermore, during the conference the Award Ceremony of the first International Lighting Design Competition will be held during the Festival “Night of Lights in Gatchina”. The competition is organized by St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Culture “National Reserve-Museum Gatchina” and the Higher School of Lighting Design (CLD ITMO University) with the support of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg. The best installations from the competition will be displayed for the visitors of the festival on the 12th of August 2017 along with professional installations that are included in the event’s main program. The winner of the competition will be chosen by the festival expert jury. The winner of the online poll will get the Audience Choice Award. The prize winners will be announced at the 4th International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design in 2017.

Last year the International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design gathered 390 participants and attendees. 25% of them were top-managers and business owners. 41% were designers, lighting engineers, architects, artists, set designers, representatives of government, multimedia and the IT market. 34% were scientists, students, professors and staff members of universities and international laboratories. Eight countries were represented by international headliners from Germany, UK, USA, France, Hungary, Italy, Finland and Netherlands. More information about this event is available on this link.


The main sessions and panel discussions of the 2017 conference

12 October 2017

Session №1: Innovative Cities

©IT-scaling: how to create tools of analysis for smart cities and why they are necessary for the world professional community

Preparing for a public event: light as a communication tool and a way to transform public spaces during citywide events


Session №2: Welcome to the digital world

Creating the best possible urban environment for the citizens: new tools and approaches for exploring design options

Childhood in the urban environment: new technologies for a new generation


13 October 2017

Session №3: Art & Science in Lighting Design

Lighting scenarios. Venue: city, theater, interior

Light, fabric and wearable electronics: trends for world market of smart fashion, jewelry and accessories


Session №4: Professional transformation

To activate thinking: exclusive techniques for professional development

To improve environment for ideas: progressive tools in the hands of future professionals

Keynote speakers

Marc Fontoynont, Ph.D., Professor with special responsibilities — Lighting-Daylighting at Aalborg University (Denmark), recipient of the Fresnel Medal and Alfred Monnier Lighting Award. He has 30 years’ experience in lighting and daylighting optimization, and currently serves as Vice-President of the European Lighting Cluster Alliance (ELCA), and convener of CEN TC 169/WG 11 Daylight at CEN. His research-to-practice area is focused on innovative lighting schemes, SSL controls and vision science, with concerns for reduction of operating costs, and improved benefits for human beings.

Roger Narboni, a world-renowned French lighting designer, visual artist, electronical engineer and director of CONCEPTO (Paris, France). In 1987, he launched a new discipline called Light Urbanism and has implemented more than 120 lighting master plans in France and abroad. He created recently the “Dark infrastructure” strategy, a new method to limit the light pollution and to preserve nocturnal biodiversity in urban environment. He is an author of many known books and science-fiction novels. Since 10 years, he has developed prospective researches and creative studies on the topic of the future of urban lighting. Among his last projects are the lightings of Ceramic Museum in Sèvres (France), the Grand Canal’s nightscapes in Hangzhou and the Inner Rivers’ nightscape in Dujiangyan (both in China and UNESCO world heritage sites), and the new urban lighting for Shanghai Huangpu River’s right bank (21 km long).

Sergei Mitelev, CEO of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “Lensvet” (founded in 1934), which is the leading operator of urban lighting in St. Petersburg which is under the Power and Engineering Maintenance Committee under the Administration of the St. Petersburg Government.

Marco Frascarolo, Ph.D. in Technical Physics. Director of RomaTre Lighting Lab. Member of Sapienza Master in Lighting Design (MLD) Scientific Board. Member of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) National Board. Founder (2001) and scientific coordinator of Fabertechnica lighting, designing more than 200 lighting projects. Consultant of Rome Municipality for public lighting. Author of new lighting projects for the Sistine Chapel and Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi (UNESCO world heritage sites). Coordinator of Sapienza MLD project team who developed the guidelines for Colosseo lighing.

Dr. Yang Bai, researcher of the Microelectronics Research Unit at University of Oulu, Finland. In 2017, he made a ground-breaking discovery of materials called KBNNO and KNBNNO as the next-generation energy harvesting materials, that can harvest energy from the light, heat and motion of their environment. This discovery has greatly drawn global attention from media, industry, research society and the general public, since it can lead to a new generation of energy-efficient materials, is equally important for the industry of media technology, flexible electronics and smart fashion, as for the development of smart cities.

Denis Astakhov, independent creative producer, ex-CEO of interactive media studio SILA SVETA, ex-producer of the Russian Visual Artists Creative Laboratory. He blends technology, art and design in his works for global brands all over the world since 2008.

Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of MSc Programme in Lighting Design at Aalborg University (Denmark). Member of the jury for LIT AWARDS in lighting design (Los Angeles, USA). She is building up a research area where disciplines, practice and academic knowledge overlap to develop knowledge on how new interactive lighting technology can support natural light to improve peoples’ lives.

Natalia Bystriantseva, Ph.D., Head of CLD ITMO University, Creative Association of Lighting Designers RULD and Art & Science Institute at ITMO University. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Research-to-Practice Conference on Lighting Design. One of the leading Russian experts in the field of lighting design, laureate of the National Award in Literature and Arts (In the category “Architecture and design”, 2014) and member of the jury for LIT AWARDS in lighting design (Los Angeles, USA).

SPb GUP Lensvet
aledo LED systems

Cultural partners
The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre
Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum
The Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg

Strategic media partner
St. Petersburg Design Week

Media partners
Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building

Entrance is free
More detailed information about the conference and registration form on

Naberezhnaia reki Fontanki 49A
The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Cultural background of place
The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre forms part of the modern theater complex, which was designed by the well-known Russian architect Yury Zemtsov and was opened for Alexandrinsky Theatre in 2013. The main purpose of such an extension to the oldest national stage in Russia was to create a new, technologically advanced platform for development of experimental and creative research fields. A high-tech transformer stage, a professional media center and rehearsal rooms, all these make the New Stage the most attractive venue for artists and researchers of innovative technologies.


ITMO University is one of Russia’s leading higher education and research institutions, specializing in Information Technology, Optical Design and Engineering and one of 15 Russian universities that were selected to participate in the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100.

RULD is a creative association of lighting designers the main goal of which is to raise the professional quality of Russian lighting designers, both theoretically and practically.

CLD ITMO University is one of the leading educational and experimental project of ITMO University in the fields of science, technology, lighting design and art.


For further information, please contact
Svetlana Degtyareva
CLD ITMO University
Тел.: +7 (965) 001 15 32


October 12, 2017
October 13, 2017
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The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre
Naberezhnaia reki Fontanki 49A
Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation


the Higher School of Lighting Design (CLD ITMO University)
7 (965) 001 15 32
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