Territory and Form

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Territory and Form

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The majority of architecture and urban design of the twentieth century aimed to tame the contradictory, heterogeneous, and contingent urban environment, both physically as well as socio-politically. Instead, this lecture will present a series of projects that attempt to reconcile and empower the role of architecture within the transforming, evolving, fluctuating, and indeterminate conditions of the city, it’s public sphere, and it’s ecological context through re-evaluating Umberto Eco’s concept of The Open Work. The Open Work straddles the fine line between the individual and collective, informal and formal, choice and control, impermanent and permanent. Through a series of design projects at a variety of scales, the lecture will examine how the human and environmental subject and their individual, transforming, ephemeral, and often contradictory characteristics can continuously recompose a permanent work. Design is not lost in this equation but rather re-centred on orchestrating the negotiation between indeterminate subjects and determined form through techniques such as frameworks, living archives, articulated surfaces, commoning and rewiring states. Positioning the agency of the designer as a choreographer, the lecture will articulate a way for architectural form to act on the territory.


College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley
305 Wurster Hall
Berkeley , CA 94720 United States
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