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Tomb of Tomorrow

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Over the history of humanity, several important people have come and gone. Some of them had a huge impact on the society. From the kings and pharaohs of the ancient civilizations, to the historic political figures of the modern era; each person that left a mark on human history, is remembered even today.

Many of these historically important people find themselves buried (actually or symbolically) in lavishly built tombs and mausoleums. From the countless ancient pyramids in Egypt, to the thousands of intricately decorated Islamic tombs in the Indian subcontinent, the examples of such structures are plentiful. Some of the most famous examples of these include the famous Pyramids of Giza, and the Taj Mahal, both of which are (or have been) one of the seven wonders of the world.

Several other historical figures have certain subtler landmarks acting as their final resting place. These include garden complexes with minimalist structures, a tombstone, or a cenotaph dedicated to them. One of the most famous examples of such humble structures belong to one of the humblest persons in the history of mankind, Mahatma Gandhi. His final resting place, Raj Ghat is a simple, structure amidst a beautifully landscaped garden complex in the Indian city of New Delhi.

Apart from individuals, several groups of people (mostly soldiers who’ve fought in various wars) have had memorials constructed for them. Some examples of such structures include: the National World War I Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, the India Gate in New Delhi, India, the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany, amongst countless others.

Whatever the type of the structure be, each tomb fulfills the purpose of remembering the person to whom it is dedicated to. Apart from that, the type, scale, and architectural style of the tomb structure tells a lot about the person whom it was built for.


December 21, 2018
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