THE WALL (UK): International Design Competition In Association With RIBA

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THE WALL (UK): International Design Competition In Association With RIBA

November 7, 2016 @ 7:00 pm GMT

‘The Wall’ is a visionary project to create a new dramatic and inspirational landmark in the UK, a piece of public art of national significance.”

‘The Wall’ will be constructed of a million bricks, or equivalent, each representing a story where someone has prayed to Jesus and He has answered.


The landmark will be built in a highly visible location, such as next to a motorway, so that tens of thousands of people will see it each day and it will remain in the national conscience, a modern response to the Christian heritage of the country. It will confound expectations of what a structure commissioned by the Christian church may be like.

The winning proposal will address the experience of ‘The Wall’,

  • be it as a passer-by
  • a site visitor
  • or a virtual visitor through the website or other digital media

The competition will be managed and administered by the RIBA in two stages:

Stage 1: Submission of concept designs which will be assessed anonymously 

Stage 2: A shortlist of up to five designs will be selected, with anonymity lifted, and invited to submit and present their developed designs to the judging panel for detailed discussion and final decision

We hope the brief inspires you and we can’t wait to see your interpretation of it. 

The Vision

“To build a national landmark, which will declare God’s goodness to all people.”

‘The Wall’ will be an iconic national landmark which brings to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness.”


‘The Wall’:

  • will create an opportunity for individuals to consider and reflect the worth of prayer
  • will give those to whom Jesus has answered their prayer, the opportunity to tell their story to hundreds of thousands
  • will in its design be inspirational to all – regardless of faith or culture
  • will be a testimony of God’s goodness to all people

This landmark will last for generations to come providing inspiration to those that see it and keeping alive the stories of answered prayers that it represents.

What Is ‘The Wall’ To Be?

 ‘The Wall’ is to be an iconic structure or sculpture of amazing scale that will be simply breathtaking when viewed from a distance or close up.

‘Awesome wonder’ – Viewers will be amazed by the enormity of the structure, intended to create a ‘wow.’

‘Intrigue’ – Whilst there should be enough to draw people with the key themes noted above, the overall meaning of ‘The Wall’ should not be immediately evident to the first time viewer. The design should be one that sparks interest to investigate further, whether that be online or visiting the site.

The name ‘The Wall’ should not be taken too literally and seen as a limitation to designer’s creativity, it can be interpreted in many ways. There is no expectation of whether the design or materials should be traditional or modern, a wide range of approaches is expected and hoped for. The important thing is that the proposal is an evocative interpretation of the brief to provoke the responses set out above.


November 7, 2016
7:00 pm GMT
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