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Conscious Cities Festival 2019

Pratt Institute, Higgins Hall, Siegel Gallery, Brooklyn 61 St. James Place, Brooklyn NY, NY, United States

How can science-informed design empower the cities of tomorrow? Conscious Cities Festival 2019 brings together leading experts, practitioners and the general public to explore how to create healthier and more inclusive cities. Place: Higgins Hall, Pratt Institute, 61 St James Pl, Brooklyn, NY Time: October, 15-18, 2019, 6:00 PM Tickets: How can we design

$10 – $35

Conscious Cities Festival 2020

How will conscious design change the way we transform our cities? Conscious Cities Festival 2020 invites leading practitioners, activists, scientists and the general public from around the globe to explore the dialogue between people and place.  Time: October 18 - 24, 2020 Location: Online Registration: Between October 18-24, 2020, the Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) presents Conscious


Event Series: Conscious Cities Festival 2021


Theme: The Person-Space Continuum Venue: Hybrid of Virtual and Offline events Date: 24-30th October, 2021  Registration Link Accra • Adelaide • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Bengaluru • Berlin • Bhopal • Bhubaneswar • Boston • Brisbane • Dhaka • Gurugram • Guwahati • Helsingborg • Ibiza • Islamabad • Lagos • Lahore • Lima •