Bronx Zoo Lion House by FXFowle with Anastos Engineering David Sundberg/Esto MEP AltieriSeborWieber 31 Knight St., Norwalk, CT 203-866-5538 BR+A Engineers 105 Madison Ave., New York 212-840-0060 Cosentini […]

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New Scenery for the World’s Stage

Ten years after renovation plans began, the U.N. complex is finally going to get the overhaul it desperately needs: The leaking, asbestos-filled Secretariat building doesn’t even have a sprinkler system, and the post-9/11 security pavilion at the entrance has a provisional, tacked-on feel. The once-glorious interiors are also faded and worn, and many visitors get the feeling of having stumbled into a tattered time capsule. David D’Arcy traces the tangled history of the renovation process, and photographs by Ben Murphy document the complex, providing a rare glimpse of these iconic interiors. […]

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Rudolph Revisited

In September, Yale’s famed Art & Architecture Building — Paul Rudolph’s controversial tribute to a tougher, more creative modernism — reopens following a complete renovation. Not only will the renamed Rudolph Building have air-conditioning, but its concrete corduroy towers will be accessorized with an addition by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects. […]

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