Power Grid

The New York tabloids had a field day with the story of the unfortunate Dr. Nicholas Burtha, who apparently blew up his Upper East Side townhouse rather than give it to his ex-wife as part of a divorce settlement. The length to which Burtha was willing to go may seem extreme, but it isn’t ultimately foreign to most New Yorkers, whose leases often outlast their love affairs. All over the city there is activity, from the towers beginning to spring up along the East River waterfront to the smaller-scale constructions filling in the city’s remaining vacant lots. Here are 42 projects that provide a snapshot of development right now. […]

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Patchwork City

The future skyline of Queens bears a superficial resemblance to Jersey City: More than a dozen tall buildings are planned to rise along the Queens Waterfront and, as a result of Special District zoning, many others are in the works in Long Island City and Hunters Point. As D. Grahame Shane reports, the Department of City Planning’s surgical approach to zoning is stimulating strategic development throughout the borough, promising a series of dynamic urban patchessas well as some awkward seams. […]

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Campus Life

Ask students: The city is in. If at one time Americaas college-age population was sentt away to school in a cornfield, small college town, or hillside enclave, today they flock to cities, where urban campuses are growing and prospering, making new commitments to their cities, and at the same time enlarging their domain into neighborhoods scarred by urban renewal, urban abandonment, or both. Universities are occupying spaces in the skyline, taking over spaces vacated by businesses that have fled to the suburbs or relocated to more technologically equipped, 21st-century office buildings; they are building new housing and retail developments; and they are finding new ways of partnering with neighboring communities with an aim to avoid the territorial and intellectual antagonisms of the past. And yes, they are building new buildings, many by signature architects. […]

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