General Contracting/Construction Management

General Contracting/Construction Management

43-20 102nd Street
Corona, NY

77 Charles Street South
Boston, MA

E.W. Howell
592 5th Ave., New York

Edward/Bennett Construction
246 West 38th St., New York

33-35 South 8th St., Brooklyn

F. J. Sciame Construction
80 South St., New York

520 West 27th St., New York

Fulton Landing
55 Washington St., Brooklyn

K Construction Company
254 Huron St., Brooklyn

Lico Contracting
29-10 20th Ave., Queens

Milherst Construction
2601 Millersport Hwy.
Getzville, NY

Pavarini McGovern
352 Park Avenue South, New York

Plaza Construction
260 Madison Ave., New York

1370 Broadway, New York

Ronan O’Dwyer Building
21 Peters Path
East Hampton, NY

Shawmut Design and Construction
560 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA

Structure Tone
770 Broadway, New York

244 Fifth Ave., New York

Tishman Interiors Corporation
666 Fifth Ave., New York




“Mosaics don’t come as single pieces but in nets, and the problem is always laying them in without showing the seams. Biordi did a magnificent job at 25 Bond Street laying in the tiles on a really complex 3-dimensional shape, and without cutting any.”
Ed Rawlings
Rawlings Architects

Cafco, the GC on Styx, was excellent. They have a very professional approach, understand how to put a team together, and are careful to create a stable tripod between the client, themselves, and the architect. They take those frictions and manage them well so everything goes smoothly. They also have a real depth of experience and know how to take care of details and know how to listen.”
Chris Bardt

“Eric Dernoshek at Foundations was excellent. His patience is unusual in construction. He was incredibly diligent when we worked through some of the details on a Soho penthouse in the project, like the 1-inch radiator diffuser slot that he helped us coordinate; it all had to be flush in a line with the adjacent materials.”
Victoria Blau
Victoria Blau Architect 

“One thing that made our Greenwich Village Townhouse so successful was our contractor, Lico. They demanded the most from their subcontractors, and on top of that, their subs were very good. They also worked hard on establishing a relationship with the client. For instance, they have a very organized maintenance department, so if there are leaks after the fact or other issues, they’re prepared to help their clients deal with them.”
Jeffrey Murphy
Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

“Chris Mills at Plaza Construction was really proactive and helpful in streamlining the process. Riverhouse is a very complicated building from a technical standpoint and a very fast-track project for its size, and because Plaza’s team was very hands-on they made it go as smoothly as a project like that can go.”
Brian Slocum
Polshek Partnership Architects 


“Our renovation at the New School was like operating on a patient without anesthesia. Richter+Ratner were careful about staging the work to maintain student access and fire egress. They had a super on site who was very precise in the way he organized the different trades and personally double-checked measurements and layouts. He was great at preventing mistakes.”
Lyn Rice
Lyn Rice Architects

“Based on the highly accelerated schedule for Rouge Tomate, Shawmut did an outstanding job of keeping everyone together and focused. For two months, laborers from a wide variety of trades were all on site simultaneously, and Shawmut was really effective in keeping them out of each other’s way without sacrificing the quality of the work. Despite the hectic pace, they always maintained their composure and kept their sense of humor. It was really a pleasure working with them.”
Carol Bentel and Thomas J. Lozada
Bentel & Bentel

Structure Tone was really outstanding. They worked with us on the Bank of America before there was even a hole in the ground in terms of establishing a budget and working on value engineering. They really know their stuff.”
Rocco Giannetti

K Construction was very good. They were on time and reasonably priced. I’m using them again on another townhouse project.”
Joel Sanders
Joel Sanders Architect 

“I’ve worked with Fulton Landing on a number of projects and he’s honestly one of my favorite contractors in the city. The concept that came from Nike brand design was like a ship in a bottle and so some of the strategy and the timeline was tight. They had contractors build as much offsite as possible, and the design really lent itself to that construction approach.”
Henry Romann
Frederic Schwartz Architects 

“We enjoy working with Wise whenever we can on exacting private residential projects in the city because of their precision. They leave no stone unturned in completing their projects and give to everyone complete confidence in their abilities. We completely trust them.”
John Henderson
Clodagh Design