When SCI-Arc Had Soul

When SCI-Arc Had Soul

SCI-Arc, back when it had "character." (All photos Courtesy Orhan Ayyüce)

We recently noted the impending demise of SCI-Arc’s original building in Santa Monica, which the school’s founder, Ray Kappe, didn’t consider much of a loss. As he put it, referring to renovations subsequent to SCI-Arc’s departure, the building “had good character, but now it’s got dumb character.” We didn’t exactly get what he meant, but then the fine folks at Archinect were kind enough to link to our story, and therein occasional AN contributor Orhan Ayyüce posted some pics from his time at SCI-Arc back in the day, some of which we’ve posted here (click the above link to see the rest). Now we get it, are kinda sorry we missed it, and sorry to see it go.

Way cooler than the lame corporate sign they've got now.

Beware the pod people, one of whom looks suspiciously like Thom Mayne...