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Product>Best in Show

We picked the brightest lighting trends debuted around the world from MAISON&OBJET, IMM Cologne, and the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Spec Sheet brought to you by Nathan Allan Glass Studios


“Kurage” means jellyfish in Japanese, which is apparent in the design of this paper table lamp by Italian designer Luca Nichetto and Japanese design group Nendo. The shade is handmade by AOYA, the one and only manufacturer of 3-D washi paper in the world.

Multi-Lite Pendant

Debuted at IMM, the Multi-Lite is a reissued design by Louis Weisdorf that represents the golden age of Danish design. Now it’s available in seven color options. What makes the design so special is its ability to create different lighting environments just by changing the direction of the semicircular shade.

Fungo Chandelier

Inspired by the way mushrooms grow on wood (as the designers observed on old wooden glass molds in the basement of the Lasvit headquarters), this design
is meant to strike a balance between the rigid forms of classic chandeliers and the organic nature of the handblown glass.

Les Cordes
Carpenters Workshop

Crafted from glass tubes and LED lights that resemble pieces of rope suspended from the ceiling, the design represents a new perspective on the chandelier. A custom version in this series also hangs in the Decorative Arts Museum, of Marseille, France.

Aria Transparent

Architect Zaha Hadid-designed Slamp uses 50 transparent surfaces that reflect LED light in a way that mimics natural light on a body of water. The pendant comes in small, medium, and large.

Soleil Noir

Designed by architect Odile Decq, this asymmetrical suspension lamp is made of expanded polyurethane with an LED source, hidden inside the disk, that generates indirect, diffused lighting. Hung by just a single cable, the fixture maintains its balance thanks to the body’s thickness.

Pris Linear

this fixture that can be installed as a wall sconce, ceiling flush mount, or suspended from a pipe to create a pendant. Pris (named for the physical characteristics of the fem-bot character in Blade Runner) provides warm diffused LED light.