Product>spa worthy shower systems

Rain Room

Product>spa worthy shower systems

Five standout shower fixtures that bring a five-star quality—via color, steam, or awe (or ahhhh)—to any bath.

Nendo for Axor

The first of its kind and the second collaboration between Hansgrohe and Japanese design studio Nendo, the LampShower provides the ambiance and look of a house lamp, thanks to its waterproof LED bulb. It is available in wall- and ceiling-mounted versions.

Ametis Shower System

Users can switch between gentle-flowing rain and waterfall settings with this halo-like system. An RGB LED is integrated within the ring and is capable of six different color options.

F-Digital Deluxe

Designed to create “a home spa experience,” this system offers multiple color and light settings, streams music from smartphones, and emits steam to create a superluxe bathing experience.


Combining Italian design with Swedish engineering, these flush, ceiling-mount shower canopies can be controlled by remote to cycle through nine different colors and three water settings, with two preset relaxing and energizing combinations.

Zura Collection

The Zura collection blends rounded rectangular and triangular forms to create a modern and fresh style. The triple showerhead delivers strong water pressure and is available in three finish options.