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Performance Glass

Specsheet > Supercharged solutions

Whether sustainability or structural concerns are the challenges, the newest wave of performance glass tackles any issue.

Halio Smart-Tinting Glass

Kinestral’s Halio electrochromic glass offers 50 shades of varying privacy and light blocking—transforming from clear to dark in three minutes. Available for interior and exterior applications, the smart system can be programmed to tint on a schedule or react to the weather. It can also controlled by voice, wall panel, or mobile device.

Lightwall 3440

The interlocking translucent structural cellular polycarbonate wall system from Extech is now available in three glazing options: a UV matte anti-reflective, an infrared-filtering and UV-blocking version, or an anti-graffiti version that is extra resistant to natural weathering.

Force Anti-Slip Glass
Walker Glass Company

The newest addition to the Walker Textures Traction line of products, Force is an acid-etched anti-slip glass with an all-over finish rather than a pattern. In addition to its safety benefits, the glass offers privacy while allowing for light transmission of up to 91 percent, depending on finish.

SF90 Retracting Wall System
Hirt Swiss Descending Windows 

Walls can seemingly disappear with this motorized system powered by Hirt Swiss descending windows. The room-height panes retract a lower-level storage space leaving no threshold behind, with customizable details to match any project.

TAPER-LOC Laminated Glass Guard Rail System
C.R. Laurence

Designed to comply with 2015 IBC code updates, C.R. Laurence’s TAPER-LOC Laminated Glass Guard Rail System is the first ICC-approved glass-railing system on the market. The dry-glaze system is quick to install and features a multiple-hollow design that brings its weight down 30 percent.


The German glass manufacturer’s new Isomax line allows architects to create glass facades with minimal thermal loss thanks to the introduction of vacuum insulation panels in the cavity. The glass can reach insulation levels of a solid wall without increasing the thickness of the unit—something the Ssedak product manager calls a “quantum leap in insulation technology.”