2017 Best of Design Awards for Landscape – Public

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2017 Best of Design Awards for Landscape – Public

2017 Best of Design Awards for Landscape – Public. Confetti Urbanism, Endemic (Mike Campos)

2017 Best of Design Awards for Landscape – Public: Confetti Urbanism

Architect: Endemic (Clark Thenhaus)
Location: San Francisco, California

Confetti Urbanism reimagines the California College of the Arts Back Lot as a display venue, work yard, and social space. The 73,470-square-foot Back Lot presents prototypes of the Designing Material Innovation exhibition while supporting student design activities and equipment—from a welding station to hammocks. Confetti Urbanism celebrates the diversity of the Back Lot’s many components by organizing them as though they were tossed confetti, creating a loose yet carefully studied frame for the prototypes on display and animating the site through function and festivity.

“The spontaneity and framework of this project is incredibly engaging and refreshing. A parking lot is transformed through simple strategic interventions and a democratic vision into a dynamic open-air laboratory for material innovation and creation. They’ve shown a parking lot can become a platform for interaction and creation.” —Emily Bauer, landscape architect, Bjarke Ingels Group (juror)

Jonathan Massey

Pavilions By:
APTUM Architecture
CCA Digital Craft Lab
Matter Design
Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab

Honorable Mention

Project: Farnham-Connolly State Park Pavilion
Architect: Touloukian Touloukian (Pavilion Architect) with Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge (Landscape Architect)
Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Farnham-Connolly State Park Pavilion, Touloukian Touloukian and Crosby Schlessinger Smallridge (Anton Grassl Photography)

Farnham-Connolly State Park Pavilion began as an environmental cleanup of an abandoned municipal airport. Surrounding wetlands were remediated, and PCB-impacted soils were collected under a permeable geo-textile cap for the location of a new park and comfort-station pavilions. Both pavilions meet the social and physical needs of visitors, while paying homage to the area’s history of flight.

Honorable Mention

Project: The Meriden Green
Architect: Milone & MacBroom
Place: Meriden, Connecticut

Meriden Green, Milone & MacBroom (Clem Kasinkas)

Meriden Green began as a flood-control project 20 years ago and became the catalyst for economic revitalization by transforming a brownfield into a greenfield. The firm executed a Connecticut city’s vision of large expanses of lawn for events and play; pedestrian routes; a bridge linking neighborhoods; and new development opportunities.