The best gossip from 15 years of The Architect’s Newspaper

Did You Hear?

The best gossip from 15 years of The Architect’s Newspaper

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we looked back through the archives for our favorite moments since we started. We found stories that aged well (and some that didn’t), as well as a wide range of interviews, editorials, and other articles that we feel contributed to the broader conversation. We also took a closer look at the most memorable tributes to those we lost, and heard from editors past and present about their time here.

The Architect’s Newspaper has run an Eavesdrop column in its print edition that collects gossip from across the architecture community. It has served as a playful way to keep track of thoughts, feelings, and actions that have run in design’s undercurrents.


Architects in tight jeans

Zaha Hadid did it for Vitra. Winka Dubbeldam posed for Panasonic. But soon, it’s one of the boys who’s modeling for a Levi’s advertisement. We went on the lookout when we heard about the company’s casting call for male architects, between the ages of 18 and 45, for a New York ad shoot. Candidates has to be ‘Real-looking men with good bodies, handsome, interesting, rugged.’ (Notice that ‘wears chunky black eyewear’ was NOT listed.)”


Sex and the icky

“When this dirty old man isn’t grossing out female co-workers by discussing the goings-on in their nether regions, we’re told he can be found inducting new office interns—those poor interns!—with visits to a nudie bar.”


Pearls before SCI-Arc

“Few talking heads can dent an architectural ego like critic, curator, and professor Jeff Kipnis, who moderated a chat at SCI-Arc on July 29 with Eric Owen Moss and Thom Mayne about Moss’ new installation at the school. Among Kipnis’ gems, he praised Moss’ garrulousness with the bon mot that he got paid by the hour for such events, and marveled at Moss and Mayne’s ability to argue with themselves—not among themselves, mind you, but each with his own self!”


Eavesdrop: Knock Knock

“This tidbit just in from the 12th International Architecture Biennale now underway in Venice. Approaching the entrance of the main exhibition hall in the Arsenale on opening day, Aaron Betsky, the director of the 11th architecture biennale, was refused admittance because he had no ticket. Betsky’s protests were met with an implacable shrug indicating, What have you done for us lately?”

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