Six outdoor pavers that chart a new path in landscape design

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Six outdoor pavers that chart a new path in landscape design

These pavers and waterproofing surfaces chart a new path for landscape design. Pictured: Playa Vista Community Center outfitted with American Hydrotech's Monolithtic Membrane MM6125 (Courtesy American Hydrotech)

Perfect for high-traffic areas, these outdoor flooring solutions have the wherewithal to last through the hottest summers and the coldest winters.

Pavimento Artistic Tile
(Courtesy Artistic Tile)

Artistic Tile

While terrazzo is typically poured in place, these large-format porcelain tiles can be assembled in a jiffy on-site. Because they’re commercial grade, the tiles are low maintenance and require no shining or waxing. Que bello!

(Courtesy American Hydrotech)

The Ultimate Assembly with Architectural Pavers
American Hydrotech, Inc.

Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125, a seamless rubberized asphalt barrier, is the foundation of The Ultimate Assembly, a complete water management system made with open-joint pavers. Unlike most pavers that are asphalt-set, Hanover’s pavers are installed on elevated pedestals above concealed drains. This complete roofing membrane avoids those typical paver problems, like freeze and thaw damage.

Soke Dekton by Cosentino
(Courtesy Dekton)

Dekton by Cosentino

This synthetic composite flooring has no cracks or imperfections, making it perfect for high traffic areas and extreme weather. Emulating the industrial look and cool touch of concrete, Soke has a matte finish distinguished by marble veining.

U-Cara Unilock
(Courtesy Unilock)


Create dynamic brick walls and siding with this system. The patented design allows for various layouts and color combinations to be accurately assembled on tracks that connect to the back of the bricks.

Ipê Wood Tile Bison Innovative Products
(Courtesy Bison Innovative Products)

Ipê Wood Tile
Bison Innovative Products

Ipê—also known as Brazilian Walnut—is so dense it doesn’t float in water. Known for durability and resistance to fire, the wooden planks, sourced from Central and South America and manufactured in Denver, make long-lasting decks and boardwalks.

Bera & Beren pavers from Walker Zanger
(Courtesy Walker Zanger)

Bera & Beren
Walker Zanger

Bera & Beren porcelain tiles emulate the look and feel of fine-grain Portuguese and Spanish limestone, but unlike the naturally occurring stone, these tiles are made for high-traffic areas. They are available in smooth and textured finishes in a range of sizes and a rainbow of mineral-inspired colors.

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American Hydrotech

Elevating Hydrotech’s Garden Roof Assembly on a structural void component integrates the many advantages of a vegetated roof with the high water detention capabilities of a blue roof.