2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Green Building

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2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Green Building

2018 Best of Design Award for Green Building: Orchid Educational Pavilion

Designer: FGP Atelier
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

The Orchid Educational Pavilion sits in the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca, Mexico. Designed by FGP Atelier, the glass structure is defined by its flexibility, usability, and performance in its exploration of ecology. An entirely self-sustaining ecosystem, the pavilion challenges visitors to consider how they might live in a more ecological manner. The pavilion, with a central staircase which collects rainfall and a geothermal system, has the optimal conditions for growing a diverse range of species while being minimally invasive to the surrounding biome. The structure is an interactive tool to educate future generations about the vast biodiversity of the region and to inspire the implementation of sustainable architecture.

Honorable Mention

Project Name: R.W. Kern Center
Designer: Bruner/Cott Architects
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Green Building: R.W. Kern Center, Bruner/Cott Architects (Robert Benson Photography)