Luxuriate in these 5 products that customize the bathroom experience

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Luxuriate in these 5 products that customize the bathroom experience

Photo: Dornbracht's spa shower, Rainmoon (Courtesy Dornbracht)

“Alexa, turn the shower on at 103 degrees.”

The newest showers and toilets come equipped with responsive tech—voice activation, adjustable lighting, and other app-activated features that make the bathroom a truly personalized experience (and virtually hands-free).

Photo of Sense Guard GROHE
(Courtesy GROHE)

Sense Guard

A trusty safeguard in case disaster strikes, Sense Guard detects leaking water by tracking pressure and flow and cuts off water supply in pipes to prevent costly water damage. Pair it with the GROHE Ondus to keep track of how much water you use.

ThermaTouch ThermaSol
(Courtesy ThermaSol)


ThermaTouch is a 7-inch LED touchscreen shower control system equipped with Bluetooth, Ethernet, Capacitive Touch Technology (CTT), and Infrared Temperature Sensing (ITS). When paired with Thermasol’s Serenity Light and Sound Rain Head, users can control the steam and lights, and at the same time browse the internet or stream videos via connected apps.

Rainmoon Dornbracht
(Courtesy Dornbracht)


Lit by a hidden light strip, illuminated drops of water create a shower experience like no other. Featuring two spray pressures, the low flow increases the size of the water stream, while the higher flow creates a more concentrated, powerful stream.

(Courtesy DXV)

Aqua Moment Drop-In Airbath with Waterfall

What’s better than a jacuzzi? A bathtub with air-jets and a headrest that releases a curtain of warm water over the shoulders. Meanwhile, an air-blower keeps the water warm for the remainder of the “Aqua Moment experience.”

Flo Moen
(Courtesy Moen)


Prevent water damage and waste with Moen’s new leak protection system. Homeowners can control the water pressure, flow rate, and temperature via the FloSense app. Meanwhile, features like daily testing, identifying leaks, and troubleshooting tips allow for proactive monitoring and the ability to shut off the water or contact Flo Support.