Weekend edition: New gallery in England, gun violence, and more

Weekend Reads

Weekend edition: New gallery in England, gun violence, and more

The Custard Factory, aka, Norman Foster's MKDC Architects’ Department The Milton Keynes Development Corporation’s architects department at Wavendon Tower, Milton Keynes, in the early 1970s. (Courtesy John Donat/RIBA Collections)

Missed some of this week’s architecture news, or our tweets and Facebook posts from the last few days? Don’t sweat it—we’ve gathered the week’s must-read stories right here. Enjoy!

Photo of a metal building exterior
MK Gallery’s shimmering exterior by 6a architects (Courtesy 6a)

6a architects recalls Milton Keynes’s utopian vision with a shiny new gallery

The new, revamped, MK Gallery by 6a celebrates Milton Keynes’s history with a glimmering facade and internal color palette snatched straight from the 1970s.

Photo of the Abrams House facade
The front entrance to the Abrams House resembles the rising sun, or waves crashing on the shore. (Courtesy VSBA)

Pittsburgh’s City Council leans against saving historic Venturi Scott Brown–designed home

In a 7-2 vote, the Pittsburgh City Council voted against designating the Venturi Scott Brown-design Abrams House as a landmark, paving the way for its demolition.

Rendering of garden with wind chimes
An upcoming memorial garden in New Haven, Connecticut will be dedicated to victims of gun violence. (Courtesy Svigals + Partners)

Svigals+Partners on designing for 21st-century loss and gun violence

Marissa Meade and Julia McFadden of Svigals+Partners speak with AN about the Lost Generation Memorial Garden in New Haven, Connecticut.