Weekend edition: Notre Dame, Jeanne Gang, Harvard, and more

Fire and Future

Weekend edition: Notre Dame, Jeanne Gang, Harvard, and more

(Cécile Pallarès Brzezinski/Via Wikimedia)

Missed some of this week’s architecture news, or our tweets and Facebook posts from the last few days? Don’t sweat it—we’ve gathered the week’s must-read stories right here. Enjoy!

Photo of Notre Dame Cathedral on fire from a distance
The roof of Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire on Monday evening, leaving the world to wonder whether it would be totally destroyed. (Via Wikimedia)

Here’s what saved the Notre Dame Cathedral from total destruction

Though a battered version of its former self, Notre Dame still stands today largely because its 226-foot twin bell towers were kept from ruin.

Photo of the Notre Dame cathedral in snow with a spire
The “original” spire was built from wood and leaded paint in the 1840s according to a design by young architect Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. (Robin Benzrihem/Unsplash)

France launches an international competition to rebuild Notre Dame’s spire

After a fire tore through the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral earlier this week, the French government has vowed to rebuild in only five years.

Photo of a caucasian woman with short hair in 3/4 profile against a white sheet
Sarah Whiting (Courtesy Rice University)

Sarah Whiting chosen as next dean of Harvard Graduate School of Design

Harvard GSD has selected its new dean: Sarah Whiting of Rice University’s School of Architecture will succeed Mohsen Mostafavi beginning in July.

Photo of a woman sliding a piece into an architectural model
Jeanne Gang (Courtesy the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)

Jeanne Gang makes the 2019 TIME 100 list

Gang has been awarded a slot in the TIME 100’s “Titans” section, grouping her as a leader in her field alongside Mark Zuckerberg and Lebron James.