Weekend edition: Notre Dame, Jeanne Gang, Harvard, and more

Fire and Future

Weekend edition: Notre Dame, Jeanne Gang, Harvard, and more

Notre Dame burning. (Cilcée/Wikimedia Commons)

Missed some of this week’s architecture news, or our tweets and Facebook posts from the last few days? Don’t sweat it—we’ve gathered the week’s must-read stories right here. Enjoy!

Here’s what saved the Notre Dame Cathedral from total destruction

Though a battered version of its former self, Notre Dame still stands today largely because its 226-foot twin bell towers were kept from ruin.

Photo of the Notre Dame cathedral in snow with a spire
The “original” spire was built from wood and leaded paint in the 1840s according to a design by young architect Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. (Robin Benzrihem/Unsplash)

France launches an international competition to rebuild Notre Dame’s spire

After a fire tore through the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral earlier this week, the French government has vowed to rebuild in only five years.

Photo of a caucasian woman with short hair in 3/4 profile against a white sheet
Sarah Whiting (Courtesy Rice University)

Sarah Whiting chosen as next dean of Harvard Graduate School of Design

Harvard GSD has selected its new dean: Sarah Whiting of Rice University’s School of Architecture will succeed Mohsen Mostafavi beginning in July.

Photo of a woman sliding a piece into an architectural model
Jeanne Gang (Courtesy the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)

Jeanne Gang makes the 2019 TIME 100 list

Gang has been awarded a slot in the TIME 100’s “Titans” section, grouping her as a leader in her field alongside Mark Zuckerberg and Lebron James.