Brooklyn's Katie Stout turns trash into high design

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Brooklyn's Katie Stout turns trash into high design

Stout’s Arc de Trash and Sphynix in progress in her Brooklyn studio. (Anna Talley)

Artist and designer Katie Stout is building a triumphal arch—of trash. The aptly-titled Arc de Trash is the biggest thing she’s ever made, and it’s covered with material samples, shells, a DVD of Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet, plastic necklaces, a friend’s shoe. “I don’t know why, but I love this gross cardboard situation,” Stout said, pointing to a mysterious mass of packaging tape, brown paper, and plaster near the lintel. There’s even a section devoted to an array of tiny plastic E.T.s from Wolf E. Myrow, a store in Providence, near the Rhode Island School of Design from which Stout graduated in 2012. “It’s a bunch of crap,” Stout said. “But every time I go in there I just think I need this box of E.T.s.” Positioned in front of the arch is a half-completed ceramic sphinx, which will provide a “regal moment amongst the trash and the rubble.” Originally, Stout wanted people to get on the beast and ride it.

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