Smart home solutions bring innovation to our multifunctional interiors

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Smart home solutions bring innovation to our multifunctional interiors

(Courtesy Ecobee)

The latest integrated and stand-alone smart home technologies make it easier to keep the home safe and healthy this winter:

a wireless thermostat
(Courtesy Panasonic)


A multifunctional healthy home system, Cosmos by Panasonic monitors indoor air quality. The device connects to range hoods and HVAC fans as color-coded LEDs alert users to airborne toxins like volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter, and carbon dioxide.

A home control touch screen
(Courtesy Somfy)

animeo IB+ TouchBuco

Animeo IB+ TouchBuco by Somfy is a wall-integrated touch screen that controls window-covering systems throughout small or medium-size homes. The automated solutions allow homeowners to carefully adjust shades in different zones, achieve optimal visual and thermal comfort, and meet the strictest energy-saving standards.

a stand alone thermostat
(Courtesy Kaiterra)

Laser Egg+ CO2

Monitoring fine dust particles, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, the stand-alone Laser Egg+ CO2 by Kaiterra provides homeowners with clear, real-time readings. Paired with the Kaiterra Live Air app, Apple HomeKit, or IFTTT, the device can be programmed to give alerts and pinpoint historical trends.

a thermostat
(Courtesy Ecobee)

Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

The new Smart Thermostat with Voice Control by Ecobee helps users reduce their energy consumption and stay on top of temperature levels, whether they’re at home or away. This flagship product now includes voice activation, a quad-core processor, improved sound quality, natural language processing, and enhanced presence detection.

a camera component that can be inserted in lighting
(Courtesy Hubbell Lighting)

Hubbell Lighting

Easily integrated into flexible products like the MultiPurpose Linear MPS task light solution, the SpectraSAFE security camera helps protect poorly lit areas like garages and storage rooms. The cloud-enabled device incorporates a high-resolution HD camera, an IR emitter, a microphone, and a speaker for two-way audio communication.

a bird shaped stand along sensor
(Courtesy Leapcraft)

VELUX Group, Leapcraft, and 3XN/GXN

The AirBird is a new indoor climate sensor developed by the VELUX Group in collaboration with Leapcraft and 3XN/GXN. Tangible and actionable, this device measures carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity every few minutes. It uses real-time data to promote improved air quality and user well-being.