These new lighting solutions reflect changing healthcare trends

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These new lighting solutions reflect changing healthcare trends

(Courtesy Lumenpulse)

Ensuring that healthcare facilities are well-lit is important not only for safety but also for the psychological wellbeing of patients and caregivers. These cutting-edge lighting systems and luminaires check both boxes while meeting the latest energy standards:

the interior of a healthcare facility with a stone wall
(Courtesy Lithonia Lighting)

ENVEX Series
Lithonia Lighting

The ENVEX Series from Lithonia Lighting offers high-performance recessed ambient luminaires developed to meet intense specification requirements. The range’s minimalist design allows it to match a variety of spaces. ENVEX is available in two variants, which both offer volumetric distribution. Each fully luminous design is visually comfortable, making it a solution suitable for healthcare spaces where occupant efficiency is vital.

the interior of a healthcare facility
(Courtesy Lumenpulse)

Lumencove Nano 2.0

Lumenpulse has released two new versions of its Lumencove Nano 2.0 range that remove the need for external power source cables while still incorporating the collection’s recognized efficiency and durability. The Lumencove Nano 2.0 family is available in different sizes and comes in various outputs, optics, and color temperatures.

the interior of a healthcare facility
(Courtesy Cree Lighting)

Stylus Linear Series
Cree Lighting

The Stylus Linear Series by Cree includes versatile luminaires targeted to architects, engineers, and lighting designers. Its fixtures combine a sleek form with harmonious surfaces and vibrant colors. Ultrasmooth dimming technology is a bonus for healthcare settings.

a lighting fixture
(Courtesy USAI Lighting)

BeveLED Cross Baffle
USAI Lighting

USAI Lighting’s BeveLED Cross Baffle is an inserted fixture designed to softly diffuse lighting and reduce on-surface glare. Channeling the power of LED technology, this product has color and dimming options. It enhances lighting quality and can add a geometric decorative touch to the ceiling of any healthcare space.

the interior of a healthcare facility
(Courtesy Signify)

ClearAppeal Recessed LED

Signify’s Day-Brite CFI ClearAppeal Recessed LED luminaire provides subtle flair for healthcare spaces. Featuring a streamlined aesthetic and a balanced glare gradient, this product delivers even illumination and high visual comfort. Its sleek style, coupled with its control options, makes it an attractive choice for many applications.

the interior of a healthcare facility
(Courtesy Nora Lighting)

Quartz LED Downlight Series
Nora Lighting

Nora Lighting’s new Quartz LED Downlight Series was designed for public areas in healthcare facilities. The 4-, 6-, and 8-inch aperture variants come with optional emergency backup and remote test switches. These luminaires also have tunable wattage and white color temperature adjustment controls, allowing end-users to fine-tune their environment.