The Arctic Salmon Center–a landmark on the ocean shore

The Arctic Salmon Center–a landmark on the ocean shore

The building rises from a rock face jutting up from the ocean at Skutvik in Nordland. Steni Vision facade panels give the Arctic Salmon Center a unique expression.

A unique building with a wow-factor

“It has been unbelievably exciting to work on such a special building in such a special place,” commented architect Peter W. Söderman at Norconsult. “We chose Steni Vision panels for their printing possibilities—we could project an exciting print onto a large surface.”

Facade panels that can withstand a harsh environment

The print pattern on the facade panels creates an illusion of salmon scales, while the contrasting shading helps to downplay the building’s height and merges it into the landscape.

“It’s an incredibly harsh location, exposed to incessant seafoam, wind, and snow. This made it really important to choose a robust and low-maintenance facade material,” Söderman said.

Architecture that blends in with the surroundings

“The building has a unique expression and blends in with the vulnerable landscape. The architects have done an outstanding job,” said Jan Terje Nielsen, CCBO at Steni.

Steni’s printing technology makes it possible for architects, artists, and illustrators to project their visions in an almost infinite scope.

Steni architectural facade panels are available in the US through Omnis.

You can read the full case study here.