Pulp Studio Bends to Make the Impossible, Possible

Pulp Studio Bends to Make the Impossible, Possible

(© Michael Moran/OTTO/Courtesy of Pulp Studio)

Pulp Studio employs proprietary in-house engineered and constructed bending equipment to create the most complex and irregular shapes that can be imagined. There are endless forms created for demanding uses. From elegant bent glass handrailing to beautiful art meant to withstand the outdoor elements, our quality craftsmanship challenges the concept of “it can’t be done?” and turns architectural visions into a reality.

Single-Axis Bent Glass

Single axis bending produces glass curved in one dimension but still straight on the other. Half-cylinders, ess-shapes, waves and partly-flat forms are possible.

Uses are legion: exterior windows and curtain walls, store and mall fronts, custom residential glazing and interior partitions, merchandise display cases, cylindrical elevator enclosures, skylights, even insulated, bullet resistant and security glazing can be curved.

Compound-Shaped Glass

Compound curves in glass, such as conical sections, segments of spheres, ribbon twists, and amorphic shapes, open limitless possibilities governed only by the physics of the glass itself.

Coaxed by experience, technology and craft, Pulp Studio makes natural shapes, precise geometries and subtle undulations that congeal into rock-hard transparency. We collaborate intensively to realize our clients’ most astounding visions and relish the process every time.

Combinations of Products

Pulp Studio can supply any project with a wide range of glass effects, making it that much easier to imagine, specify, order and take delivery on important components of any building, interior, art installation or retail environment.

While we always gratefully welcome a single fabrication assignment, we supply projects with multiple products that are bent and flat, structural and decorative, glass engineered for appearance along with glass imbued with energy, acoustical, climate or security features. These integrated projects, at any scale, invariably prove to be better business for all concerned.