Announcing the winners of our 2023 Best of Products Awards

Best of Products

Announcing the winners of our 2023 Best of Products Awards

(Courtesy Turf)

Now in its 9th year, The Architects Newspaper’s Best of Products Awards acknowledges the leading manufacturers, designers, engineers, and artisans whose inventions are crucial to the built environment. Be it a decorative light fixture that provides art as well as ambiance, a building material that recycles rainwater, or a bathroom mirror and faucet system that improves hygiene, AN’s awards program celebrates the vast and ever-evolving industry of architectural products, as it’s these that allow architects to build better and bigger projects that can more precisely respond to the world around them.

A consideration for how products operate within a larger ecosystem was a common theme that united many of the winners picks this year. This includes a consideration for the global climate crisis, an issue that prompted designers to devise creative and affordable alternatives and solutions. Beyond sustainability, this year’s winners carefully reflected on how products and building materials influence lifestyle choices, from health and nutrition to hygiene and sanitation habits. Many applicants approached their work with the needs of homeowners, builders, public spaces, and communities in mind, a growing trend that refreshingly recognizes how impactful even the smallest details of a project can create social good.

Among so many submissions and categories, it was difficult to come to a decision, but our jury of architects, designers, and educators meticulously inspected each application. Their comments, featured below, provide insight into the assessments made, as well as aspiring future directions of product categories. What follows are AN‘s Best of Product winners, honorable mentions, and editor’s picks for 2023.



An office space with a tee-grid acoustic ceiling system
Plaid by Turf (Imperfct* studio di Marzoli Massimiliano)


Plaid is a ceiling acoustic solution that merges art and architecture. A criss-cross sound container and tee-grid ensure it can be scaled up for large scale projects without sacrificing aesthetics.

I appreciate that Plaid feels more like an integrated system rather than simply a surface application. This product has its own structural integrity and creates a solution for acoustic control in interior spaces that feels quite architectural.”Michael Leckie
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick


Appliances & Plumbing: Bathroom

A bathroom with two mirrors that integrate the faucet and soap dispensers
(Courtesy Notes)


Sensor-operated soap dispensers, water faucets, and hand dryers are all seamlessly integrated into the Zoom mirror. It brings elevated hygiene as well as a sleek style to public restrooms.

From a hygienic standpoint, I appreciate not having escutcheon plates on the sink deck. I liked the ambition that everything could be in one spot and that the design still addresses aesthetics.”Charles Sharpless
Honorable Mention
SF-2800/2850 Wall-mounted faucets
Editor’s Pick
Numi 2.0


Appliances & Plumbing: Kitchen Appliances

A black oven
(Courtesy of Fisher & Paykel)

Series 11 24 Combination Steam Oven

The Series 11 24 features 23 functions that enables the ability to cook by function, food type, or recipe. This offers a greater retention of nutrients, an ability to cook without oil or butter, and an ease of use, as it can be installed without a water line.

In addition to its sleek design, this appliance encourages users to consider a healthier approach to food preparation. A brand that develops products for a healthier lifestyle is a subtle but powerful act of innovation.”Madelynn Ringo
Honorable Mention
Series 9 74 Triple Zone Refrigerator
Editor’s Pick
12” Drop-In Induction Cooktop
Editor’s Pick
36” French Four Door Refrigerator with HarvestFresh

Appliances & Plumbing: Kitchen Fixtures

A kitchen with a gridded storage solution
(Courtesy Poggenpohl)

Contour Kitchen

Made with a precise aluminum frame, Contour Kitchen is a cabinetry solution that softens the use of metallics, accommodates various moods, and features a custom finish handcrafted by cabinetry artisans.

Contour offers a well-engineered framework of aluminum cabinets that offer a wide range of customizable fronts and finishes. Because of the expressed edges, it gives kitchens a gridded look while remaining streamlined.”Jack Murphy
Honorable Mention
La Spezia Kitchen Faucet
Editor’s Pick


Building Materials: Composites

A modern home made from sustainable materials
(Courtesy Modern Mill)

ACRE Shiplap Siding

ACRE is a sustainable alternative to wood that protects rainforests against deforestation. It’s a circular product that sources materials from landfills.

The sustainability aspects of this product caught my attention: It is made from rice hulls and is 100 percent recyclable.”Madelynn Ringo


Building Materials: Glass

A diagram showing a matte, anti-glare glass
(Courtesy Pulp Studio)


The new glass from Pulp Studio is a matte, ultra-thin architectural material for both exterior facades and interior applications. It can be designed, bent, and technically manipulated to achieve aesthetic and performance requirements.

Triple-glazed window assemblies are getting thicker, chunkier, and heavier, so anything that can be done to lighten up and optimize these assemblies—while maintaining energy performance and sustainability agendas—is a step in the right direction.”Michael Leckie
Honorable Mention
SunGuard SuperNeutral SNR 50 coated glass
Editor’s Pick
Viracon Identification Number (VIN)


Building Materials: Timber

A home made out of timber in a field of grass
(Courtesy S3 Arch)

Lunawood ThermoWood® Cladding

Unlike toxic building products that contribute to the climate crisis, Lunawood ThermoWood applies heat and steam to timber sourced from renewable Nordic forests to create a sustainable alternative. Not only does this extend the wood’s lifespan, but it also creates an inherent flexibility and durability.

Beyond sustainability, I like its different profiles. They offer opportunities to create interesting textures while still using a functional and sustainable product.”Madelynn Ringo
Honorable Mention
System 01 | Prefab Single-Storey Cabin
Editor’s Pick
Tantimber Thermowood

Building Materials: Weather, Air Barriers, & Insulation

Geometric blocks of wood fiber
(Courtesy TimberHP)

Wood Fiber Insulation

Wood Fiber Insulation appeals to home owners, builders, and architects alike. Made from residual wood chips, it’s energy efficient, easy to install, and provides an affordable solution towards climate change.

Bio-based products are exciting, and it’s good to start thinking about insulation as something that doesn’t have to rely on petroleum. That’s an area where there’s a lot of room for expansion in the future.”Charles Sharpless
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick


Facades: Cladding

A mixed-material building at a street corner
(Courtesy Cupa Pizarras)


A natural facade product made from high-quality slate, CUPACLAD resists harsh weather. While durable, the product remains lightweight and elegant.

A thin stone rainscreen offering is a cool product that I don’t see a lot of in the southeastern U.S. where I practice and teach. I would be excited to see more of that.”Charles Sharpless
Honorable Mention
Kebony 1”x8” Click-In Cladding
Editor’s Pick
Farmed Board Siding & Paneling
Editor’s Pick
Ready-To-Ship Soffit and Siding


Facades: Structural Systems

A lace blue facade lines parking strip
(Courtesy Parasoleil)

ParaClad: Ventilated Façade

ParaClad is a turnkey structural support system that spans up to 12 feet as well as over uneven elements. It’s made with tube extrusions and custom base plates and brackets.

I appreciate any new product offering that comes to the market with a fully resolved installation system. With the complexity of modern architectural assemblies, we end up constantly having to value-engineer systems that require additional structural layers or where installation costs aren’t fully known and understood. I thought this was an interesting approach to simplify cladding installation, and I appreciate the amount of work and consideration that has gone into this system.”Michael Leckie
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Formawall Dimension Series

Finishes & Surfaces: Hygienic Surfaces

Colorful seats populate the floor of this clean space
(Courtesy Designtex)

Silicone Symphony

Silicone Symphony is an ensemble of over 100 coated upholstery fabrics of varying colors and textures, each informed by biophilic design, the longevity of silicone, and unfussy maintenance.

The range of colors and playfulness that it brings to the table for a healthcare product is nice. I’ve sourced a lot of silicone-based upholstery materials and it can be difficult to find options that are aesthetically pleasing, so I feel excited by this product line!”Madelynn Ringo

Finishes & Surfaces: Interior Flooring

A healthcare facility with bright, abstract colors on the floor
(Courtesy American Biltrite)

ABPURE Infinity Carbon Neutral

This carbon-neutral rubber flooring collection is derived from renewable natural gas that stems from organic waste. The collection of 20 colors features Nfuse technology, eliminating initial set-up, sealing, and waxing.

Of all the sustainable products we’ve seen, this is one that truly achieves carbon neutrality. Quite often products have flowery language that skirts around the topic. This material also seems to have the potential to do well in installations with large amounts of square footage.”J. Jih
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Natural Optimist


Finishes & Surfaces: Interior Walls, Countertops, and Surfaces

A colorful hallway and lounge area with matching wall and seating
(Courtesy Fräsch)


PIXL’s raised poofs make for a modern acoustic wall tile. With shape and color options, they are as effective as they are pleasing.

This product is made out of 55 percent recycled content which is good. I like the size of the individual unit and its scalability. Also, the word pixel—it’s refreshing.”Yishio Kuo
Honorable Mention
FENIX® Innovative Materials for Interior Design
Editor’s Pick
Editor’s Pick
Tenley Brick

Finishes & Surfaces: Outdoor

Footstep marks lead toward an unknown destination beside a pool
(Courtesy Pioneer Millworks)

Pioneer Millworks Accoya® Color - Grey Decking

Accoya considers the environment and material health. It’s FSC-certified, Cradle to Cradle Gold–certified, and resistant to rot and moisture thanks to a unique vinegar treatment.

I’m a big fan of Accoya. I haven’t seen it in this gray color before, but I love it.”J. Jih


Finishes & Surfaces: Paint & Coating

A wood-clad house on the ledge
(Courtesy Nakamoto Forestry)


Gendai is a wall and ceiling cladding material made exclusively from Japanese cypress that is intensely burned as a preservative health treatment. The result is texturally rich with a silky finish and charred grain details.

Nakamoto has been quite innovative in the way that they’ve been able to streamline and standardize the Shou Sugi Ban process and offer a range of specific finishes. It’s a great product, and they’re doing something really wonderful.”Michael Leckie

Furnishings: Accessories

A woman using a touch-free hand sanitizer fixture mounted on a wall
(Courtesy Vaask)


The touch-free hand sanitizer fixture, Vaask, incorporates technology to ensure it’s never empty. It’s a desirable product, both for its convenience and elegant design.

When COVID-19 happened, there were a lot of sanitation stations that came into the market quickly that weren’t well thought out. Perhaps we didn’t realize it was going to become such a permanent fixture of our environments. This product is chic, minimal, and sophisticated. It can be integrated with the architecture of the space by being attached to the wall, and there are options for playful customization.”Madelynn Ringo
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Capsule Collection


Furnishings: Commercial

A self-supporting structure with open space
(Courtesy nienkamper)


TOKO is a collection of self-supporting structures designed to create unique acoustical and spatial environments. The freestanding nature ensures reconfiguration and relocation, meeting the needs of ever-evolving workplaces.

TOKO is part of furnishings, but it provides meaningful architecture, so maybe it encourages us to build fewer walls to define space. There’s merit there to get us to landscape our workplace. I like how it’s designed to accommodate ventilation and acoustics, but it still has intimacy.”Yishio Kuo
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Bao Collection


Furnishings: Outdoor

A mobile kiosk set in a street
(Courtesy EL Studio)

Mobile Kiosks

Designed for urban environments, Mobile Kiosks comprises four modules: cook, wash, store, and sell. Each collapse and can be easily moved, a nifty formulation to activate public and community spaces.

I like that it’s not designed in service to a luxury market. It would make me happy to see this deployed in public spaces, and I imagine there’s a lot of small entrepreneurs who might come to appreciate or benefit from this design which gives them a more durable presence. The mission, the functionality, the mirror, and the shading all appealed to me.”J. Jih
Honorable Mention
Connect 2.0
Editor’s Pick

Furnishings: Residential

A dark and story glass table decorates an apartment
(Courtesy Rottet Collection)

Dark and Stormy Table

The Dark and Stormy Table fuses clear and colored resins. Each piece is hand-cast, one of a kind, and captures light in unique ways.

This table reminds me of an art object, like Roni Horn’s big cast acrylic pieces. They elevated the side table to a place of contemporary art.”Charles Sharpless
Honorable Mention
Demi & Gem Collection
Editor’s Pick
Thierry XXL


Furnishings: Textiles

A soft, patterned sofa
(Courtesy Carnegie)

Outdoor Biobased Xorel

Made from 90 percent bio-based PE content sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane, Outdoor Biobased Xorel is the first fossil fuel–free indoor and outdoor textile that also sequesters 2.5 tons of carbon for every ton of sugarcane.

This textile is biobased and can accommodate many uses. It used to have a sheen but now they can also do matte versions; it’s very versatile. I like that it’s indoor/outdoor and stain resistant. It’s a workhorse fabric done in an elegant way.”Yishio Kuo
Honorable Mention
Reunion Collection
Editor’s Pick
Super Natural


Hardware: Architectural

Architectural hardware amidst a gray backdrop
(Courtesy FritsJurgens)

System One

The System One pivot hinge is less than half the size of its predecessor at 18 millimeters tall. Small yet sturdy, it can bear doors weighing up to 1,100 pounds and fit in narrow profiles.

I have installed this product myself, and I have nothing but praise.”J. Jih
Honorable Mention
ISM-MC7000 Smart Lock
Editor’s Pick
Bellagio, Como, and Lugano—luxury hinges for frameless shower doors


Hardware: Decorative

Decorative hardware in various colors
(Courtesy Keeler Brass Company)


Anthology is a collection of tailored, in-house designed hardware, each of whom are made with American solid brass and build to an eclectic that better personalizes spaces.

This pull has over 34,000 combinations based on various finishes and options, but I was convinced by its solid construction and expressive restraint.”Jack Murphy

Lighting & Electrical: Architectural & Commercial

A clean, beige kitchen with overhead lighting
(Courtesy Amerlux)


Offering up to 1,500 lumens, FINCH is a mounted cylindrical light fixture with a one-inch aperture. It can be used as a downlight, accent light, and wall washer.

This product is very architectural—the proportions are unique and evocative. I appreciated the detailing, particularly in the clean installations where no escutcheon plate is required.”Michael Leckie
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Volum, designed by Snøhetta


Lighting & Electrical: Decorative

Rods of light hang from black cords
(Courtesy Pablo Designs)

T.O. pendant

T.O pendant is a wand of light suspended by two nylon belts, a feature that allows 360-degree rotation for a flexible and sculptural lighting solution.

This fixture is nicely detailed. It’s light and I like the strapping. It’s fun but tailored.”Yishio Kuo
Honorable Mention
Editor’s Pick
Ocean Coil Marina


Lighting & Electrical: Outdoor

A lush walkway is lined with small, seamless lighting
(Courtesy Luminis)


Inline is a range of bollards and columns that bring a contemporary illumination to parks, plazas, and more. Independently adjustable modules of over 4,000 lumens provide a flexibility of use.

This is a sophisticated light. It is similar to other offerings, but, due to its cuts, it has a sculptural quality to it.”Yishio Kuo
Editor’s Pick
Editor’s Pick

Openings: Doors

A wooden door fits smoothly into a beige wall
(Courtesy Rimadesio)


Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Radius is a minimalist pivot door system that eliminates the need for jambs or frames. It is made from 100 percent recyclable glass and aluminum with a solar-powered production process.

It’s so clean. It’s small and mighty. I also like that it allows doors to open both ways as a directional pivot-door system.”Yishio Kuo
Honorable Mention
Acrovyn Curved Door
Editor’s Pick
Series 300 Minimalist Multi-Slide Door


Technology: Smart Building, Smart Home, & Automation Systems

HydroSKIN technology by TTI
(Courtesy TTI)


This lightweight textile skin absorbs rainwater to harvest for the building’s toilets, washing machines, and other needs. During hot summers, the water is released to cool the interior and exterior of the building, an effort which aims to relieve sewage infrastructure and energy consumption.

This is a research proposal for a new type of facade that offers rainwater harvesting, smart building water management, and evaporative cooling through a lightweight textile skin that absorbs wind-driven rainwater. This effort is in its research phase, but we think it is worthwhile to encourage efforts that build a productive bridge between research and industry.”The jury