The Architect’s Newspaper celebrates two decades of print production

Twenty Years of Breaking the News

The Architect’s Newspaper celebrates two decades of print production

Ben Denzer created a paper model of New York City landmarks using covers from The Architect’s Newspaper. (Ben Denzer)

The first issue of The Architect’s Newspaper was published 20 years ago today. Now, the October/November issue of AN celebrates two decades of print production.

From humble origins, AN has grown into a trusted source for architecture news and commentary and, through AN Media Group, a wide array of events, newsletters, and resources. We’re thankful for 20 years spent covering the best (and worst) in architecture. 

The first issue of The Architect’s Newspaper was published on November 10, 2003.
The cover of the 20th-anniversary issue of The Architect’s Newspaper.

To mark the occasion, we’re picking up where our 15-year anniversary issue left off. As you might have read in print or in our digital issue, this special section takes a close look at the last five years of the newspaper. We feature an interview with our CEO/Creative Director, Diana Darling; survey the era’s top stories; remember those who are no longer here; celebrate other architectural anniversaries; and say thank you to our writers. We also hold a space for collective speculation, where a range of thinkers share their thoughts about what architecture—and architectural media—will be like 20 years from now, in 2043. 

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share these write-ups online. Below, check out some of the additional items published in this special section.

Just Keep Scrolling: Five Years of Headlines

A lot has happened since 2018. We collectively weathered a pandemic, introduced the verb “to Zoom” into our vocabulary, and took to the streets for climate action and racial justice. Along the way there were buildings torn down and topped out; designs finalized in bedrooms, backyards, and half-empty offices; awards announced and scandals broken.

At AN, these events were captured in the heds and deks of our stories. To remember the recent past, we’ve created a textual collage of words that fills the next five pages, one for each year, playing with the publication’s sense of humor. It’s a literal wall of text that shows a bit of what we’ve been up to.

Those We’ve Lost Along the Way: Honoring Some of Architecture’s Late Greats

In addition to honoring William “Bill” Menking through republishing his obituary from 2020, we remember some of the important figures who died in the past five years.

The Architect’s Newspaper was possible these past five years thanks to the talent, wit, and labor of nearly 500 individuals. Thank you for your time, your persistence, and your critical voice.