Andre Herrero’s advice for applying to AN’s Best of Products Awards

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Andre Herrero’s advice for applying to AN’s Best of Products Awards

Cofounder and principal of Charlap Hyman & Herrero, Andre Herrero, is amongst the jury for this year’s Best of Products Awards.

The world of Charlap Hyman & Herrero (CHH) is fantastical and immersive. The firm, ranked among AN Interior’s Top 50 Architects and Designers of 2023 as well as Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” list, splits its time between New York and Los Angeles thanks to its cofounder and principal Andre Herrero who opened the West Coast division. Herrero, alongside Adam Charlap Hyman, has led the firm to instantly recognizable bold visions across interior architecture, exhibition design, and products.

This expertise for conceptual yet precise design makes Herrero the quintessential judge for AN’s 2024 Best of Products Awards. Between CHH’s whimsical Butcher String wallpaper for Schumacher to a shell-shaped fountain and a hybrid table-object-planter, Herrero brings conceptual and creative know-how to the awards. To get a sense of what he’s looking for in this year’s applications, read the interview below and submit your work before midnight ET on July 12 to be reviewed by Herrero and AN’s other exciting jurors.

glass store display in MZ Wallace
CHH designed the MZ Wallace flagship out of an industrial loft in New York. (Andre Herrero)

AN: As an architect who has also designed products, how do you approach the latter? How does it differ or relate to designing interiors and exhibitions?

Andre Herrero (AH): Generally, if something is already not on the market or we can’t find something for a specific project, we will design it. We draw from all sorts of references to inspire our design, whether it be cinema, music, or even just a feeling; this methodology applies to our products as well.

AN: What are you working on currently? Is there anything you’re excited about that you’d be able to share?

AH: We have a good number of projects in the studio right now. One that is top of mind is our mass timber design for the Missoula Innovation District. It’s a larger project for our studio and is pushing the envelope for wood construction in the U.S.

AN: Do you remember the first product you ever designed? What was it?

AH: In college, I took up pattern-making and designed a tailored clothing collection—maybe not really a product, but not really architecture either.

crumpled metallic plinths
In the flagship, crumpled metallic plinths represent the bags while displaying them. (Andre Herrero)

AN: What are the types of things you’re looking for in Best of Products submissions?

AH: I’m looking for an exciting new point of view, something that elicits an emotional response.

AN: What, to you, makes a good product?

AH: I suppose it depends on the product, but anything that functions well, looks good, and is ethically and environmentally considered.

store display with marble shelving and flooring
CHH employed a bespoke digital marble pattern, printed onto the carpet, wallpaper, and curtains, to create an immersive store. (Andre Herrero)

AN: What advice do you have for those thinking of applying to AN’s Best of Products Awards?

AH: Just do it!

Best of Products submissions are open until July 12, midnight ET. Learn more about eligibility, see the full list of categories, and start applications here.