Fall 2020: AN Interior

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Fall 2020: AN Interior

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Fall 2020: AN Interior

Something positive to come out of this year has been all the attention the pandemic has focused on our interior environments. Serious questions are being raised about the conditions of comfort and safety in the places where we spend most of our time: our homes and workplaces. These themes are picked up in the fall issue of AN Interior, particularly in the special Inside Out section. Featuring projects in spectacular locales, this anchor section demonstrates the need for connectivity to nature and to each other. It’s an impulse that also motivated the social justice protests we saw over the summer; that progressive valence is at the heart of Adjaye Associates’ project for the 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East in Manhattan, one of this issue’s lead stories. Moving forward, we hope to build on the dialogues generated by the health crisis, and we can be sure that several talents from our third annual Top 50 list have already entered into these discussions. We’ll be keeping tabs on their propositions for the future.

Also in the issue, Alda Ly channels biophilia, SHoP revamps a Manhattan office tower, James Wines designs a fitting tribute to the fashion house Off-White, and Part Office carves out a path for young studios in Los Angeles.


    • All the products you need for your home office
    • SO-IL and Shenton Architects craft a dream house on Long Island
    • BNIM’s Ozarks Education Center gives new meaning to bringing the outdoors in
    • Japanese photographer Takashi Homma takes a forensic look at Le Corbusier
    • We review 2020’s best virtual exhibitions