October 2019: AN Interior

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October 2019: AN Interior

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October 2019: AN Interior

As AN Interior evolves, we are always looking for innovative ways to present the most cutting-edge designs and up-to-date products. Our first annual kitchen and bath special section celebrates some of the best residential design solutions in a new format that showcases these projects.

This issue reflects a more serious sensibility that is taking hold today in the design world. The postmodern revival of playful shapes, light historical references, and Memphis-inspired furniture is waning, giving way to a more muted, neutral aesthetic. This is most evident in our interview with Aaron Schiller of Schiller Projects, where the designer describes how businesses are thinking of office space today (it’s not about ping-pong tables and unplanned areas). A+I also delivers more restrained office lobby designs that parallel this trend.

Our special section announces the winner of the 2019 Best of Products Awards, with big wins by Dzek, Standard Issue, and many more.

  • Run Run Run by OFFPOLINN
  • Waechter Architecture
  • Melbourne Travelogue
  • Providence Practices
  • Designer Trade Culture
  • LA-Más’s ADU Prototype