October/November 2021: Landscape Issue

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October/November 2021: Landscape Issue

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October/November 2021: Landscape Issue

Prompted by the destruction wrought by Hurricane Ida, AN surveys mitigation and adaptation strategies from New York to the Gulf of Mexico. Landscape journalist Tim Schuler examines the preparedness of America’s rural communities in the face of certain climate change (page 33), while frequent AN contributor Zach Mortice assesses the lessons designers have already learned from the crisis (page 31). Elsewhere, Matthew Marani explores the promise of offshore wind energy to remake the Port of New York (page 35), and AN associate editor Matt Hickman visits the Motor City’s newest public garden (page 10). Rounding out this coverage is our landscape product overview (page 42)—don’t miss it!

Also included:

  • Anthology: Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s Academy Museum for Motion Picture; Machado Silvetti and Fentress Architects’ renovation and expansion of the Denver Art Museum; and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates’ Waterloo Park in Austin
  • Q&A: STIMSON, the 2021 Landscape Architecture Firm of the Year
  • First look: The National Pullman Monument in Chicago
  • In Construction: Michael Maltzan’s Sixth Street Viaduct in L.A.
  • Products: Construction management software and visualization tools
  • Review: Chicago Architecture Biennial
  • Review: Black Landscapes Matter
  • Pictorial: The Design Museum in London inaugurates the “Waste Age”
  • “Diary,” the monthly news roundup from around the country