Architects Design For Themselves in Venice

Architects Design For Themselves in Venice

Tony Coscia's Skywave House

One of the perks of being an architect is the excuse to build yourself the coolest of all possible houses (despite any budget holes it may push you into). An excellent way to explore this phenomenon comes at this weekend’s Venice Art Walk + Auctions, and their Art and Architecture Tours. Featured on the tours is one of the wackiest houses we’ve ever seen: Architect Tony Coscia’s own Skywave House (above), a serpentine sculptural form unraveling itself from a single plane and hovering over a glass base. Another highlight is Glenn Williams’ Guitar House, a cubist creation that  the architect designed for himself after being inspired by a Picasso painting of a guitar. The tours also include Maya Lin’s Nichols Beach House, Lin’s first built project in the west, which connects living spaces to a lofty arts studio via a multi-story deck. The Art Walk itself includes visits to more than 50 artists’ studios and special exhibits as well as a 400-piece silent art auction.

Guitar House

Maya Lin's Nichols Beach House

Ehrlich Architects' Galan Residence