WTC Update> Memorial Day Edition

WTC Update> Memorial Day Edition

Sailors in town for Fleet Week at the World Trade Center site today. (AN/Stoelker)

One World Trade has had a good week. Condé Nast officially signed on the dotted line yesterday. Several of the interested parties from the Port Authority to Cushman Wakefield took out two full page ads in The New York Times congratulating themselves on a job well done. But back at the site, something slightly less tangible occurred. It’s purely subjective of course, but over the last week it seems that One World Trade finally reached the “wow” factor. There’s no getting around it anymore, the building is huge. Of course, throughout the site there’s plenty more to see…

Glass, still in protective plastic, has now completely wrapped its way around Snohetta's Memorial Pavilion.

Leaves now cover the trees in the Memorial Grove.

The first rows of glass appeared on Tower Four

The West Side Vent Structures are being prepared for cladding.

One World Trade