LA Firm Layer Stretching Lightness Across So Cal

LA Firm Layer Stretching Lightness Across So Cal

Layer's "Wish Canopy" for Women Hold Up Half The Sky. (Skirball Center)
Layer's upcoming "A Loose Horizon," at PMCA.
Layer's upcoming "A Loose Horizon" at PMCA. (Courtesy Layer)

Los Angeles firm Layer (you may remember some of their past work) are showcasing their talents once again with an upcoming exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA). Opening June 3, the show, entitled Layer: A Loose Horizon is designed as a low-relief, web-like sculptural installation that begins outside the museum’s second floor window and continues into the interior of the building, across the lobby.

The series of overhead shapes “explores the threshold between perception and logic,” and creates “a physically engrossing and intellectually stimulating spatial construction,” according to the PMCA.

Layer's "Wish Canopy" for Women Hold Up Half The Sky (Skirball Center)

Speaking of sculptural installations, there’s still time to catch another Layer installation on display at the Skirball Cultural Center. The “Wish Canopy” is part of the museum’s Women Hold Up Half the Sky exhibition that features visual art, photography, sound installations, and interactive pieces in testament to the bravery of women in the face of injustice worldwide.

The piece is made up from over 1,500 translucent “Wish Containers,” or molded, plastic sleeves that represent the sky over the exhibition area. Visitors are invited to write their own wishes for women and girls around the world, to be incorporated into the canopy, allowing it to transform over time, and “give visual testament to the power of collective action to effect change,” as described by the Skirball Center. The exhibition is open until May 2oth.