Product> Warhol x Flavor Paper

Product> Warhol x Flavor Paper

Flowers in Golden Shower, Warhol x Flavor Paper
Queen Elizabeth II in Deep Purple, Warhol x Flavor Paper

For some, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth hearkens to days of “Long live the Queen!” but a recent design intervention could edit that phrase to “Long live Warhol!” Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper recently launched a collection of proprietary designs from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts‘ store of works in PVC-free, water-based ink formats that can be customized for a variety of applications.

Warhol produced eight of his own designs for wallpaper between 1966 and 1986—including the notable “Cows”—so the Foundation was especially selective when licensing reproductions in one of the artist’s own mediums. “We walked through Flavor Paper‘s door, and knew that we had found the right fit,” said Michael Hermann, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the ArtsDirector of Licensing. “We always saw licensing wallpaper as a compelling and complementary category, but until Flavor Paper had not found a collaborator who understood how to break through the constraints of such a traditional method.”

For Flavor Paper’s founder and creative director, Jon Sherman, the creative light bulb went off in 2011, when the company worked with the Montclair Art Museum to finalize designs and produce the “Twelve Cars” wallpaper series for the exhibition Warhol and Cars: American Icons. “As a true Warhol enthusiast, this opportunity for me personally is like a fantasy fulfilled,” Sherman said of the new collection. “Working with the Foundation’s team to celebrate and interpret Warhol’s work in our own inimitable style is a milestone for the brand.”

Nine styles were produced from a cache of Warhol’s silkscreen prints, photographs, and other iconic images. Flavor Paper uses water-based inks produced for billboard applications, so each sheet of paper is durable and light fast.

Do it Yourself Landscape, Warhol x Flavor Paper

This mural option, also available in Sailboat, is based on Warhol’s 1962 paint-by-number series. Each mural is scaled to fit application dimensions.

Crowd (Where’s Warhol) in Sepia, Warhol x Flavor Paper

A recurring pattern was developed from a 1955 Newswire photograph of St. Peter’s Square in Rome on Easter Sunday. Flavor Paper’s Sherman inserted an image of Warhol, for a tongue-in-cheek “Where’s Waldo?” effect. The pattern comes in four standard colorways with the option for customization.

Flowers in Golden Shower, Warhol x Flavor Paper

Based on Warhol’s 1964 silkscreen of hibiscus blooms, a repeating pattern is digitally rendered in four colorways on a chrome mylar base. In a nod to Warhol’s very personal practice of embellishing his oxidation paintings, random splashes of toner make each pattern truly unique.

Rorschach in Liquorice, Warhol x Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper organizes Warhol’s Inkblot paintings for unique adaptions on a damask pattern. Four color combinations on high-gloss or textured papers, like ponyskin and linen, add to the pattern’s luxe appearance.

Shoes in Drella, Warhol x Flavor Paper

Layered and repeating photos of Halston-designed shoes from the 1980s are available in four colors, with options for customization. Drella, (pictured), features a glitter impregnated vinyl that closely resembles Warhol’s own Diamond Dust treatment.