Megaface: Watch Sochi's Olympic-Sized Selfie Machine in Action

Megaface: Watch Sochi's Olympic-Sized Selfie Machine in Action


Take a moment from celebrating the first American curling victory of this Olympics to observe Asif Khan‘s Megaface in action. Previewed in the lead up to the Games, the wall is now installed and has been projecting the faces of visitors to Sochi on the side of the Megafon pavilion for the past week.


The realized version is found lacking in the thin drape rendered in preliminary iterations of the structure. Instead hundreds of spherical bulbs are left exposed as they protrude and recede to form the faces of those willing to lend their likeness to the installation. While the initial plan had been to replicate the skin tone of spectators, the effect was abandoned in favor of a monochromatic palette, after its realism was deemed “really scary.”

Those who visit special photobooths peppered throughout the Olympic campus are given a special code that alerts them to when they will have the chance to come face to face with their 20-foot-tall visage. Russia’s Mount Rushmore will close on February 23rd with the ending of the Olympic games.