Kentile Floors Sign in Gowanus Brooklyn is (Likely) Doomed

Kentile Floors Sign in Gowanus Brooklyn is (Likely) Doomed

The Kentile Sign in Gowanus. (Flickr /
The Kentile Sign in Gowanus. (Flickr / ekonon)

The industrial past of Gowanus, Brooklyn is rapidly disappearing as the neighborhood transitions into a more mixed-use future. As the low-slung factories and warehouses continue to disappear, the iconic, eight-story, Kentile Floors sign could go with it.

The Kentile sign at dusk. (Flickr / Swifty

The Kentile sign has been towering above the neighborhood since the mid-20th Century and even outlived the Kentile factory, which shuttered in the early 1990s. But in April, a permit was issued for the building’s owner to dismantle the sign, and scaffolding has since been spotted next to its red letters.

The news of the sign’s demise has been met with significant backlash from local residents and politicians including New York City Council Member Brad Lander who launched a petition to save the sign. “Demolition of this iconic sign would be an enormous loss for Gowanus and for Brooklyn,” Lander wrote. “In many ways, it stands for Gowanus.”