Product> Climate, Controlled: Top Heating & Cooling Products

Product> Climate, Controlled: Top Heating & Cooling Products

These innovative, resource-conscious building products keep structures—and their occupants—comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency.

ProSol TF+

This high-efficiency, thin-film photovoltaic module produces up to 30 percent more electrical output than conventional thin-film products, due to its tandem cell structure.

High-Mass Radiant Heating/Cooling System

In this hydronic radiant system, warm or cool water flows through cross-linked polyethylene tubing; flexible, it needs fewer connections and is approved for continuous hot-water recirculation.

IceBank Thermal Energy Storage

Ice-cooled air produced with this thermal energy system shifts a building’s cooling needs to off-peak hours.

Building Robotics

Web- and mobile-based software lets office workers warm or cool their specific locations, while fine-tuning the building’s energy use and optimizing HVAC efficiency.

VRF Zoning Systems
Mitsubishi Electric

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems operate efficiently at partial-load conditions, helping to optimize energy savings and lower costs.

Quantum Vue

This mobile-friendly software lets facility managers monitor, analyze, and program all energy usage in a building, and ties all lighting and shade controls together.