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Product>Decorative Architectural Glass

Whether texture or pattern is the game, these sophisticated yet playful artistic glass motifs are perfect for a variety of interiors.

Glass Gradients
Skyline Design

The first collaboration between Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings and Skyline Design, Glass Gradients plays with just two geometric forms, a dot and a square, but the designers have created endless options by combining elements of transparency, variable gradients, and color transitions. The designs can be bold or subdued, offering privacy or transparency depending on what is needed.

Teardrop Glass
Nathan Allan

The first “texture-less” kiln-formed glass in the industry, 3-D convex shapes offer privacy while also creating a subtle yet stylish texture that allows ample natural light to flow into the space.

Infinity Mirror
Pulp Studio

To create unique scenery in otherwise small and simple spaces, Pulp Studio imagines a 3-D motif that gives users the illusion that they are in an endless bamboo forest or floating in space. Infinity mirror can be used in a variety of applications, including commercial, hospitality, and residential.

Meltdown Glass Art & Design

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, this textured glass was created from a handmade mold using wine bottles. It is opaque enough to work as a privacy panel and is available in several specialty treatment and color options.

Endless Interlayers Collection
Galaxy Glass & Stone

New additions to the Endless Interlayers Collection include a variety of neutral and metallic patterns encapsulated in glass. It is now available in wood grains, woven metals, and new textures in 10-, 12-, 16-, 19-, and 25-millimeter custom thicknesses.


A brand-new contract collection that includes architectural glass for wall cladding, full-height screens, workstation dividers, desktops, counters and tables, and moveable and wall-mounted marker glass. There is a large selection consisting of 27 back-painted colors, 24 metal frame colors, and over 50 options of laminated glass using color, pattern, wood, textile, and gradient aesthetics. All pieces can be customized and are shipped ready to install with hardware.

CSL®’s LED Waymarkers feature illuminated artwork in a variety of color options, with six designs: WiFi, Java, Smoking, Martini, TakeADip, Restroom and custom.