Product>Set the mood with diverse interior lighting options

Penchant for Pendants

Product>Set the mood with diverse interior lighting options

(Courtesy Axo Light USA)

Stylish pendant lights shine brightly as a single statement piece and create dynamic interiors when multiplied.

Axo Light USA

The U-light appears to float in space, with a minimalist metal frame that is joined to a glowing ring of LED lights that are offered in a variety of sizes. The pendants can also be interlocked to provide custom patterns of glowing light.

(Courtesy Foscarini)


Italian design couple Roberto and Ludovica Palomba were inspired by the idea of visualizing sound waves, and thus transferred the ripple effect onto blown glass, creating Tartan, which resembles the traditional namesake Scottish textile.

(Courtesy Rich Brilliant Willing)

Rich Brilliant Willing

This linear LED system has limitless potential for lighting commercial, residential, and hospitality environments. The 44-inch, 2300-lumen modular bars of light connect via linear sliding joints and hang from stainless steel wire lops, which allows for endless customization.

(Courtesy Gabriel Scott)

Jumbo Harlow Pendant
Gabriel Scott

The Harlow pendant is is an elegant fixture, inspired by jewelry design, that features a mold-blow glass gem in a metallic frame that references a prong setting. The alabaster glass creates beautifully diffused soft light.

(Courtesy Luceplan)


As each glass sphere is connected to steel rods that hang of different lengths, each lamp is unique—no two clusters are alike. There are two color options, with satin white spheres that provide a soft glow or metallized orbs that offer something a bit flashier.

(Courtesy Plumen)


Plumen designed these 3-D printed shades with Italian design brand Forlmaliz3d. Given the combination of one-of-a-kind light bulb shapes, cord colors, and shade colors, there are hundreds of ways to mix-and-match.