Pendants to light up the holiday season!

It’s Lit!

Pendants to light up the holiday season!

A selection of standout lighting pieces to give a rosy glow to any space and add striking visual interest.


Aplomb is made of hand-pressed concrete, in a delicate balance of thickness to achieve a sophisticated shape with enough texture. The lamp is available in three shape and color options.


Designed by Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti, this pendant contains soft LED lighting with a methacrylate disc that provides a halo of light to be cast downward.

Teardrop Pendant
Tracy Glover Studio

These gorgeous bubble-like lamps can be hung individually or in a cluster, with either a transparent or matte glass overlay in a variety of colors to suit any space.

Mono Lamp

A super-minimal lamp made with blown unworked glass. Available in smoke glass with a copper socket, or clear glass with a perfectly contrasted concrete socket.

Casper Pendant

Available in four separate sizes, Casper can be arranged in a multitude of configurations, allowing for an intense chandelier of light, or more subtle singular applications.

Nama 4 Pendant
Global Lighting

Inspired by the 1960’s counterculture, this woven rattan pendant casts glorious shadows around the room in an unexpected black that is a sleek alternative to natural rattan.