Product>Sumptuous and romantic textiles

Red Red Wine

Product>Sumptuous and romantic textiles

There’s nothing like a bottle of cabernet by the fire to warm up a cold room, and the same goes for these au courant wine-hued textiles and wall coverings.

Senza Titolo 04

The giant abstract roses illustrated by Sofia Cacciapaglia are meant to evoke feelings of love and warmth. The resulting bouquet appears as if it is hand-painted on the wall thanks to being printed on smooth, PVC and heavy-metals-free paper.

Fil Doux Textiles

A revolutionary vinyl textile, Vinylife contains a natural enzyme that reacts to microorganisms found in biologically active landfills and speeds up decomposition after the product’s lifecycle, making it a sustainable option. Vinylife is available in a variety of rich textures and is treated with Fil Doux’s proprietary ink-and-stain protectant, Pro-Tech.

Farrow & Ball

One of Farrow & Ball’s key colors for spring 2017, Radicchio is a progression from the pink hues that have been so popular lately. Radicchio has a blue undertone that gives it an uplifting, bright quality, as opposed to other deep reds that might have a moodier feel.


Innovations’ color of the year for 2017 is sangria, and the brand will be rolling out a wide selection of wall coverings that feature dark berry tones in a variety of woven textures, as well as vinyl and painted options.


A part of the Manhattan Muse collection, these fabrics are inspired by the things that make Manhattan unique (and named accordingly), like Skyline, Gridlock, and Bridges. The windowpane plaid of Crosstown is made in a luxe jacquard cotton and viscose velvet, available in eight colorways.

Architectural Reveal Bead
Create sharp clean aesthetic reveals in a variety of sizes with up to ” of built-in expansion protection. Form to curved walls without needing to be custom ordered.