Swisspearl® premium facade panels at Tagus Gas building

Cartaxo, Portugal

Swisspearl® premium facade panels at Tagus Gas building

Swisspearl® premium facade panels at Tagus Gas building. (Courtesy Swisspearl®)

This new headquarters for Tagus Gás in Cartaxo, fifty miles from the Portuguese capital, is the country’s first office building to receive BREEAM certification. Designed by international practice Saraiva & Associados in partnership with consultants Ecochoice, the structure features an array of sustainability measures aimed at reducing its environmental impact and optimizing its energy efficiency.

The envelope is a core element of this sustainability strategy, which covers the building’s entire life cycle—from manufacturing and construction to utilization and post-occupancy. The facade system features extensive high-performance glazing veiled by a perforated skin made of sustainably produced and recyclable Swisspearl panels.

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Tagus Gás, Cartaxo, Portugal

Saraiva & Associados, Lisbon (Miguel Saraiva, Lara Gomes, Bruno Pereira)

General Contractor:
Lena Construções, SA, Santa Catarina da Serra, Leiria

Facade erector:
Sotecnisol, Revestimentos, Lisbon

Installed Swisspearl® products:
Perforated SWISSPEARL CARAT Onyx 7099